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  • Adding greetings/text to Cards


    I wonder if someone can offer some ideas about how they go about personalising their cards? For example, when someone asks for "Happy Birthday" to be added to their chosen card I often reach for the peel-off stickers. Does anyone have any other ideas? I know that there is the rubber stamping option, but I was looking for something different? I guess theres always handwriting but worry that this won't look as professional....Unless someone can recommend a good pen (i.e. the 3D effect type?)....



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    How about rubber stamp with 'heat it up' used on it, itl leave the message raised giving a 2d effect.
    Or letter charms hanging from ribbon spelling out a message.

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      if you can use MS Word or other editor, try printing it on - you can get really professional results that way and can type whatever you want! I always do this now - just set yourself a template up, test it a few times on cheap paper until you get the positioning just right and then save it!

      Alternatives are also rub ons which you can get in silver and gold foil texts now, or you could also buy preprinted cards which have been hot foiled for the ultimate in professionalism.

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        When I make cards and I want to personalize them I tend to print onto vellum and attach it to the card with brads. It means I can print in whatever colour I want to match the card with whatever font I like. My handwriting is OK but I can never get it perfect for going on my cards.
        Hope that gives you another idea.
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          Hi Kim

          I tend to do what Funkyhand suggested and print the greeting onto vellum or card and then attach with brads or by matt & layering - that way you can choose whatever colour of vellum/ink you want. Attached below should be a card I made a friend last year using blue ink - not my greatest card admitedly but it's a good example.

          Another suggestion is to print the greeting on glossy or non pourous card using your best quality print setting. If you're quick you can cover with embossing powder before the ink dries and heat emboss it for a great result - saying that I've had varying success with this method think a lot depends on the paper and ink used.

          Yet another idea (I'm full of them tonight ) is to print the greeting out in very very light ink in whatever font you want and then go over it in metallic pen or liquid pearls or whatever, as long as you've got a steady hand it can look really good - far neater than I could ever do freehand.

          Hope that helps a bit
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            Ooohh... what good ideas. I'm pretty new to this cardmarking malarky so i usually use peel offs too. But i may have to start "branching out"



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              You could practice Calligraphy so you can use a calligraphy pen, but I find if someones whatching I'd do it wrong, and there are probably easier methods others use!

              I do have a set of foils and glitters that came with a couple of glue pens. The glue is very runny and pale blue when you write with it and then you let it go tacky and colourless before rubbing the foil or glitter over it. I can't remember what it is called, but it does give a raised effect like embossing. There are different colours and patterns of foil and it provides a good effect.
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