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  • Elastic for beading

    Hello All

    I have tried using clear elastic for threading beads, but I can't get the knot to stay done up, what sort of elastic do other people use for making elastic beaded bracelets?

    Please help as I love make jewellery but this is very frustrating making something lovely that then doesn't stay knotted.

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    I use beadalon elasticity. I know what you mean about the knot staying done up properly as this has happened to me before but if you dab a spot of superglue on the knot and leave for 10 mins, then should be fine. Also I tend to use 2-3 pieces of elasticity which seems to make it stronger.

    Also, check how you are tying the knot. I tend to tie one knot like tying a shoe lace, and then top of that knot repeat this but loop through twice instead of once.

    Hope this helps

    Joanna Marie Jewellery


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      I always use a surgeons knot, stretch magic and then finish off with a dab of G-S hypo cement.

      A surgeons knot is where you cross the thread like your tieing your shoes and then do the same again but put the end through twice. Also make sure to pull the thread tight before you knot it to make it snug and all the beads tight.

      If you google surgeons knot, there is a tutorial on youtube and also some diagrams.

      Hope this helps
      samantha x


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        Oh I must do a double Surgeons Knot as I wrap it through twice both times
        Chris xx
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          I know this might be a bit late to add!!!

          But .... we use the clear elastic from Hobby Craft. It the one thats priced around £6 a reel. And we follow the instructions about the knot on the back of the pack. And also use good strong glue on the knot and leave it over night.

          Hope this helps someone!
          Sarah & Sue

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