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  • Shrink Plastic Help

    i have just got my self some shrink plastic as i see it on create and craft. however mine wont work arghhhhhhh.

    it all shrivels up and sticks to itself, also it goes all blurry.

    i start by doing my picture/stamp add the colour then melt with a heat gun, what am i doing wrong???

    crfty princess x x

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    hope you get an answer before this , but I'm having a go at shrink plastic this week so will let you know how I get on


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      Sorry can't help you with this but just wanted to point out that if you go to the bottom of this page it gives you a couple of similar threads so maybe the answer is in there.

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        Right, first of all what are you colouring in with, as not everything is suitable for SP. I usually use Sakura Stardust, which I watercolour down & the colour & glitter intensifies when shrunk. I use a Stazon inkpad too, so the colour doesn't bleed when I watercolour. You can also use Sakura Souffle pens & watered down Glaze pens, but make sure all the ink is dry before you shrink. You can also use colouring pencils, but it's worth practising on little off cuts if you want to check out the results first, before commiting to a stamped piece.

        When you use your heatgun, do it slowly, and it won't curl up so much, if it starts to fold in on itself, which it invariably does, just turn it over and heat the back as well, and 99% of the time it will unfold, it's very rare it messes up completely, you can also use tweezers when heating to hold your piece and turn it over, and make sure you move the gun around so you're not just heating one piece. When it stops moving & is completely shrunk, I bang the wooden side of a stamp onto it to make it completely flat.

        I hope that helps, I do loads of shrinking, made a lot of Christmas earrings this way, so if you need any other help, please ask.

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          just out of curiosity, do you have to heat it with a heat gun?

          I have seen these as kits in Hobbycraft and The Range and thought about buying them for the children to do, but I got rid of my heat gun years ago. Is there another way of shrinking them?
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            yes you can also do it in the oven but i do not have the patience for that

            thats perhaps my problem.


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              help !!! couldn't resist having a go after reading this thread but my carefully coloured in paddington bear looked great before I started but is now a round crinkly ball - not really the effect I wanted lol
              tried again but it just shrivels up and goes really brittle


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                I have never been able to do it successfully using my heat gun - it would curl up and stick and whenever I used tweezers I ended up burning myself However I get perfect results using the oven and if I recall it only takes a few minutes in there, if you 'cook' them in batches it's quicker than doing them individually with the gun - I made 200 heart embellishments this way for some wedding invites.
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                  If you are doing it with a heat gun - you need plenty of practice and skill, you need two pairs of scissors/tweezers to ease it from curling. As soon as you take the heat away you need something flat and heavy to hand to place on top of it 'til it cools, you could use the stamp for this.

                  If you have no luck with this I find it so much easier to stick them in the oven on a medium heat for about a minute, you can watch them curl up and flatten themselves out, so that you don't get the folds and bubbles that you would using a heat gun
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                    Has anyone set fire to the paper that they have put the plastic on while firing a gun at it? Or is it just me that seems to do things like that?


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                      Never done it on paper I do mine on an old plate or tile.
                      I have always found if it curles just continue heating and it uncurls just keep the heat gun moving though.
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                        Do you have a craft mat/cutting board? that's what I use
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                          i warped my last craft matt doing it like that

                          I'm gunna give up on the gun thing and try the oven.

                          cheers for all your help x x x


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                            Originally posted by Moonbeam Angel View Post
                            but I got rid of my heat gun years ago. Is there another way of shrinking them?
                            I got a heat gun from Wilkinsons for £10 for anyone who doesn't want to pay Hobby craft prices. HTH
                            Terry xxx
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                              We sell them (Samuel Taylor) between £9.99 and £19.99, the ones that are more expensive are definately better. My friend bought a cheap one and it kept cutting out on her. Plus the more expensive ones have different heat settings
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