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Die cut machine manual or please?

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  • Die cut machine manual or please?

    Hi all have seen a thread for this but was an old post and as things move so fast with these please

    Been using a sizzix big shot...was going to buy one.....l want some thing to cut thick card in particular

    But keep reading about the craft robo!!

    Will it cut thick card easily and am l right in thinking it links to your laptop/pc and you can do any design with it?...and you dont have to buy dies once you have the machine?
    Will it cut shapes from small pieces of thick plastic or would that be better in a big shot cut one at a time?
    Hope someone can help me make up my mind....the plastic bits might be the decider maybe!!
    Thanx in advance
    Suz new for 2012 2009-2011

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    Hi Suz
    I have just posted a reply on another thread.

    I have a craft robo and would'nt be without it
    But it does really only cut up to 220-230gms well.

    yes it does link to your computer and no you don't have to buy any more dies, you make your own templates.

    If i can help with any other questions i will.
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      thanx Janny...have replied on the other thread too..for now decided to stick with the big shot...bits of thick plastic being the reason....

      Out for dinner last night with friends...wore the necklace l made from an old milk bottle cut with the big shot and it was said to be 'pretty' by friend without a prompt too!!....and she had no idea it was an old milk bottle till l owened up later in the evening hehehe

      Would hate to pay out for a robo and then fill it full of trash lol

      Next show l go too l will take a bit of plastic with me and see if the demonstrator will try in for me or run a mile!...unless of course you have already tried old milk bottles in the robo?....have no idea how it works or how you add the card/paper to be cut myself and if it would be safe?
      Suz new for 2012 2009-2011


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        Hi Sue
        I'm into card making and scrapbooking so i would not no what to do with a milk bottle, except for making my coffee.
        As i said before i think plastic would be to thick and to smaller pieces, but if your interested in seeing how the machine craft robo you tube. go to were it says first test, there are a few different little videos.

        PS The necklace is beautiful, can't tell what it is made from.
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          you won't regret the craft robo take a look on my site to see what you can do
          It will cut thicker card with more than one cut

          its a brilliant machine
          Tina xx

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            I have used big shot, xyron, cricut and cuttlebug.

            The cricut is electronic and has loads of shapes and alphabets also disney, it cuts thin card and paper, you can alter the pressure, speed and size of shapes you cut. It is really good if you can afford to spend between 250 and 300 pounds, the catridges are about 50.

            The cuttlebug is my favourite, it is manual, but it is so easy to turn. There are so many dies and embossing folders, the inspiration is endless, plus you can also use other branded dies and brass stencils. The cuttlebug is about 55 pounds, and the prices of the dies and embossing folders vary but they aren't too expensive.
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              I work in a craft shop and we have shop machines so when people ask what we would recommend we can give demonstrations and let them have a go themselves. There's no harm in asking your local craft shop if they have a demo machine
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                Me again! sorry! just remembered, you can buy software to link the cricut to your computer so you can design shapes and play around with them.
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