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How much craft do you have to sell?

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  • How much craft do you have to sell?


    Just a follow up from my previous thread titled "New website idea".

    Roughly speaking, how many handmade items do you have to sell at any given time? Is it just the odd item here and there as a hobby, or do you have a lot more items to sell?

    The idea would be to start the website off for free to see how it goes, but then I would obviously need to introduce some charges for selling items through the site. This is my sticking point at the moment and would appreciate any views on how/how much you would be prepared to pay to use the service. Monthly subscription? Pay for each individual listing? Or would you just not be prepared to pay at all?

    As usual, any comments/feedback/words of wisdom gratefully received!


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    I would prefer to pay a monthly subscription rather than a per item fee. That way people would put more stuff on the site to justify the fee rather than just a couple of items to see how it goes.
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      How much craft do you have to sell

      Hi Hillsy
      Depends how much you have to pay to get your site on a server or hosted whatever the term is.
      My site used to cost £15 per month now it costs me £100 for the same time and service.
      Etsy has a great site and easy to use too.
      i would have preferred an all in one Annual fee when i was selling my crafts, that way I did not have to worry about finding it every month.

      Used to sell some via the Guild of Disabled Homeworkers (think that is the name) they have shops they let you send your crafts in by post, sales are rewarded monthly by cheque.


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        I currently have about 60 items in my inventory, ranging from crochet dread hats hemp jewellery, vintage and patchwork clothing.

        I have sold 67. i try not to add too much to my website as you can easilly get lost.
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