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Omg - 4 Days To Go !!!!

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  • Omg - 4 Days To Go !!!!

    Im completly stressed out !!!!

    Im doing the Cheshire Show this year next tues/weds and Ive never done this event before. I will be selling cards within one the craft maquees.

    Then I have Thurs free then im doing a craft fair at Bridgemere garden centrenear Nantwich Fri/Sat/Sun. Dont know what I was thinking when I booked 5 days selling in one week!!! U think I know better as Ive doing crafy fairs for few years now.

    Im trying to do some last minute cards as im off today and tomorrow - but im finding it hard to come up with ideas.

    Sorry if ive gone on abit bit feeling better ive got it off my chest (I think my boyfriend fed up of hearing about cards & asking if he like this design that design lol)

    Sara x

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    I hope it goes really well for you dont forget to take wedding cards as its that time of year again

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      Good luck! Hope it all goes well and you do some good selling!


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        Good Luck!!! You'll be tired after that lot I'm sure. Remember to enjoy it and keep smiling !!!
        by Nicki

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          Yes good luck. Not sure about the smile by the end of that lot, I should think it will be a grimace! However, I am sure you will be fine and sell loads. Good luck.


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            Best of Luck with it all. They sound like really big shows .

            Cheers Janice


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              OOOOOH! I feel nervous for you!!!! I'm sure you will do really well there. Good luck, hope the weather is reasonable!!!I will be waiting to hear all about it!!!!!!!


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                oh good luck to you, I'm sure you'll do really well.

                btw: I know what you mean about the other half, my hubby always says he likes my cards but I can tell he gets fed up after a while lol

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                  Good luck - I'm sure you will be fine!


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                    Good Luck........!

                    My health Visitor friend tells me there is a baby boom at the moment so how about some new baby, Christening and naming day cards??


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                      best of luck

                      I can only wish you the very best of luck, it sounds like you are doing the larger shows, I found they paid off.

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