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Advice for reverse decoupage on glass trays

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  • Advice for reverse decoupage on glass trays

    I need some help with reverse decoupage. My results aren't coming out right. The trays are coming out with shiny streaks. Or, the glue mixture (40% water and 60% glue) will dry up leaving unpleasant splotches of dried glue. I use mod podge, too. And I get streaks and splotches just like the glue mixture. Does anyone have any tips?

    The materials I use are:
    - regular printer paper (to print the images)
    - adhesive: either glue mixture (40% water and 60% glue) or mod podge
    - glass trays
    - Sponge brush
    - Corks (to remove air bubbles and excess adhesive

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    Hi, if you are going to inkjet print images and use printer paper, try laser print paper instead and inkjet print on that. I say this because ordinary printer paper sucks the varnish effect out of most glossy finishes whereas laser print paper is actually what they use for decoupage because they can varnish it where ordinary printer paper is a nightmare to get an even finish..they just call it decoupage paper and use it due to its quality of not sucking varnish etc into the paper so it goes very matt, instead it sits on top so you can seal it and get a good varnish gloss too.
    You can try sealing ordinary printer paper first before you use it to decoupage but I rarely had any success, and through lots of trial and error found laser print paper.
    I did 3d decoupages for years.

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      Do you put the glue on the paper or the glass tray? I found when doing something similar that I got no streaks when I put the glue on the paper.



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        Print on paper as normal, leave to dry then paint with clear polyurethane and a foam brush. Allow to dry then decoupage as normal.


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          Lilly42 I do put the glue on paper and glass and still get streaks.

          3dDave I'm going to give that a try.

          Caroleecrafts I'm going to try this too.

          I'll report back to share my results.


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            I was suggesting only putting the glue on the paper.


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              You can use this.

              Glue down the doilies and ribbon pieces;
              Coat entire back of tray with decoupage medium;
              Cover back of tray with two or three coats of acrylic paint;
              Use gesso to level any unevenness; and
              Seal the entire back of the reverse decoupage glass tray.