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    I have registered with Google, etc. but when I search I either cannot find my link or am way down the list. Obviously if I put the web site name in the search bar I am first but if I just use a general word/words I am no where near the top.

    Does anyone know how to get to the top of search engines lists?

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    Sounds like you need to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I think thats the meaning lol

    You need to make sure that your site has good descriptions with a good use of keywords that will be picked up by search engines. Make sure you have entered your meta tags and descriptions.

    Some say there are no benefits of links but its seemed to have worked for me. Try to link to sites (with permission) of people who sell similar or trusted websites you like to visit/buy etc.

    Try and get listed on directories on the web a good google or a nosey at other peoples sites will give you more ideas.

    I think someone on here does alot of SEO work so im sure they may post to help. Good luck it isnt easy but many people here have had some success with SEO.
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      some keywords are very competitive and it will be a long time before you hit, if you ever do, the first page. if the keywords you use are popular then you are stuck unless you can get people to your site using different keywords. incidentally, if you find a way to do it quickly you will be a millionaire. you can pay for it and it will cost you, but be aware you will be swimming with sharks!

      improving seo will help things as will all the different ways you can get your site noticed.

      the only thing that will get you relatively quick results is 1. to have something unique and interesting that google will like. 2. your chosen topic does not have a lot of competition for the keywords that will be used in a search. 3. it obviously helps if the subject is going to help you sell your stuff but if not then any traffic is better than no traffic.


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        Thanks guys.

        How do I go about with SEO's?

        What does Google like? Do I just need to put a tag (I think that is what it is called) that everyone will type in but is different to the norm, i.e. "poo poo" Sorry, that's the first thing that came into my head, can you tell I am getting frusrated??


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          Have a look at this thread

          The first post links to a guide..

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            Thanks for that, better get reading now


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              managed to post this on the wrong thread, never mind.

              juls, i have a page on wood information. i make fountain pens. i dont come up in a search for fountain pens. i don think i ever will, its so competitive. but, if someone puts in a search for the name of a rare wood then i am being found. not entirely satisfactory but...

              perhaps a page on the materials you use, how they are processed, dyed etc. its a little work to gather the info but it will pay off. use various sources edited here and there post it on your site.



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                Hi Juls,
                My website guy told me it can take six months to get a page rank on google because of something called a sandbox which holds back new sites. In the meantime you need to build your content on the site and make it as good as possible, plenty of descriptions etc, well that is what I am hoping will work.
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                  SEO can be something of a black art - the only people that really know about how Google works are Google themselves.

                  Top tips:

                  1 - Keep the content regularly updated and relevant.

                  2 - Regularly updated content means that people will want to link to you. The more quality links to your site will increase the ranking.

                  3 - Good content leads to more traffic.

                  4 - More traffic leads to opportunities to sell

                  There is a model of CTPM (Content -> Traffic -> Pre-sell -> Monetize) that seems to be successful for some people. The key seems to be about keeping things fresh.
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                    Thanks for tell this and that is what I need