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    Hi all, I am a very frustrated Tole painter. Having learned the craft in Canada where the books and paints were found everywhere I have returned to the Uk and cannot find the Acrylic paint that i use anywhere. My only option is to order from the US but the postage is high. Has anyone seen Delta Ceramcoat paints anywhere in the UK?

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    Hi, can't say I've seen those paints but sometimes you find the same thing has a different name over here, have you tried googling and seeing if there are different trade names?
    Just an idea.....



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      hello and welcome what is tole painting
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        I wondered what tole painting was too, so had a google !

        Tole painting is the folk art of decorative painting on tin and wooden utensils, objects and furniture. Typical metal objects include utensils, coffee pots, and similar household items. Wooden objects include tables, chairs, and chests, including hope chests, toyboxes and jewelry boxes.
        (from Wikipedia )


        The word "tole" according to good ole Merriam-Webster refers to sheet metal and especially tinplate used in domestic and ornamental wares. Historically, the phrase "Tole Painting" was used to describe the art of decorative painting on tin, which began in New England in the latter half of the 18th century. It's said that those who could not afford fine china learned to "fancy up" their tinware with paint.

        Over the years, the phrase "tole painting" has been gradually included under the umbrella of "decorative painting" and expanded to include painting on a wide variety of surfaces (wood, glass, porcelain, fabric, ceramic and pottery as well as tin) and incorporating a wide variety of today's mediums and techniques.

        well I never knew that , and I do it! I someimes decorate plate, bottles, tin etc and had never come acros the fact that i'm a Tole painter before !!

        As for the specific paints, well i've never come across that make , nor even heard of them.I would suggest you just use another brand ,that' shwn as suitable for the surface you are decorating! I have used a variety of brands. depends waht I have been able to find locally, and what colours were available.

        I have some books (general) on various crafttechniques , that I got here in spain, and they use different stuff each time, dependent on what they were able to obtain ( free I think) from a supplier, in order to make the project and nclude it in the book.


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          Just found this conversion chart from delta ceramcoat to decoArt americana, which I do believe is available in the uk. Think I've still got some rom way back when I was still there!

          Actually just had a further look at the tole-expresions site, and they have conversion chart for several brands. I'm sure you'll be able to find some of them readily available in the uK. although, unless you are following a specific colour instruction pattern, you can probaly just use what you like the look of !
          I'm off to have another look at that site , as it looks like there's loads of interesting info there!