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thinking of setting up my blog :)

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    Don't forget to be present on Twitter too, that's where a lot of people would look for info!


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      Great question, I am thinking of doing the same, thanks for posting!


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        A blog is great for all websites, help keep fresh content and you can get extra keywords that might bring more traffic to your website.
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          tôi nghĩ vậy


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            I liked the idea and I think I going to start a blog too
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              I hope someone finds these guides useful to prepare before starting and extend their knowledge about such business


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                I run a blog. Honestly it’s my best friend at times. Another creative space for me to be me. I would always suggest to anyone thinking of running a blog themselves to go for it !!!


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                  Yes, there is a good idea. A lot of people has own blog on the website. There is a good advert about the place where they live.


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                    I've been blogging on and off for about 15 years. Get your head around Wordpress (which you can easily do for free initially) and then use a company like Siteground or Bluehost to set up a paid account and buy a decent template, when you're ready. If you actually invest your time and money in a professional looking blog, you're going to stand a chance of actually generating traffic. You rarely see Blogger hosted blogs ranking highly in Google search.

                    The old way was to blog at least 2 or 3 times a week, but that's ancient thinking and posting just twice a month high quality, longish length, highly visual content - using naturally placed Keywords throughout your text (the actually words and phrases humans type into Google search when looking for content that matches yours) - is going to be way better than three limp 500 word meh pieces a week.

                    Get onto whatever social platform you feel comfortable being on regularly to generate a genuine community around your topic and ENGAGE with them daily. Instagram is by far your best starting point and Pinterest is the golden ticket for generating free traffic. Learn how to make your content Pinnable and make those Pins 'pop' with great imagery, and obvious titles, e.g. '5 Hacks for Making Paper Swirls in Half The Time' (or whatever - you get the gist).

                    If you can get your head around the idea that your blog readers are only in it for them - they're on Google and looking at blogs to teach them something they need to know, to show them something they need to do or to inspire them to be whatever it is in their head they want to be. They don't care what you think, they care what you can do for them.

                    So make content that caters to these FAQs, wants, desires, trends, short-cuts, tutorials etc etc and you'll be going to some way to generating traffic that you can even possibly convert to paid traffic (people who will buy your paid courses, tutorials, products and will click your affiliate links to buy the stuff you personally use to make your crafts).

                    If you just want to get some things off your chest creatively and have an outlet, or stuff to show your family and friends, go for something Blogger and don't worry about traffic or pleasing anyone but yourself. These are harsh truths, but it's how Big Bad Google and search engines in general 'think' and pair your content with what people actually want. Consistent, on-brand, on-topic high quality content is their preference. Go to Pinterest and search for 'how to start a blog'. You'll be inundated with content to educate you. Good luck!