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  • Glass Painting

    Hi there,

    looking for 'tips and tricks' on glass painting. Anybody with any ideas out there?

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    Bit of a wide ask SpiderMalcolm. Suggest you try You Tube loads of tutorials on there about glass painting like this

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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      Firstly, always make sure the glass is clean and grease - free. Use a mix of methylated spriits and either gilders whiting or talcum powder, clean all residue of whiting or talc then leave to air dry before commencing. (Gilders whiting is superior to talc and is available via the internet, google gilding supplies).

      Use a brush with long bristles or tube lead for the outlining and use a short bristled brush and a stippling motion for the colour (helps to make it even).

      Always check whether the glass paints are light-fast as its very dissapointing to watch your hard work fade away!!

      You can gild onto glass and it adds a rich quality and it need not be expensive.


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        Hi, I've got a glass painting tutorial on the things-to-make-and-do website, hope it helps:

        Glass Painting Colour Key

        Glass Painting Project

        Jo xx
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          Glass painting is fun and simple if you know these useful painting tips, the kinds of paint and medium to use, preparation of surface and finishing.
          Glass is transparent and paint coverage may not be very good. For a more opaque effect, you will need to apply several coats. Let dry after first coat ( about 20 mins to 1 hour) before applying the next coats.
          Place a white paper or tissue inside the glass while painting so that you can see what you are doing.
          When using glass paints or any other paints, make sure that they are mix thoroughly. Shake the bottles or roll them on the table. Stir them gently when necessary. Never mix glass paint with water.This will weaken their strength and lessen adhesion to the surface.The paints are best used straight from the bottle. The water that is left on the brushes after washing can also affect adhesion, so dry your brushes thoroughly.


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            cool! thanks for the video!