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  • Help me please!!

    Can someone out there please help me with me web site.

    I have been trying to build my website for about a year now and am starting to pull my hair out because I just can't seem to work it all out.

    I have me domain name with 123 -reg but I am finding there designs to hard to work with that I decided that after reading a tread on the forum that I would try weebly.

    Fantastic they seem really easy to work with but now I have to do something like change A Record pointing to there site.

    I am starting to fill really stupid now and just what someone to get me started so that I can enjoy just doing what I love to do which is just crafting.

    So does anyone know someone that can help me get started?

    The only problem is that I don't have a lot of money which is why I was trying to do this myself. So if anyone can do it really cheaply or for a donation to charity I would love to hear from you.

    Anyway I will keep trying and await your replys.


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    I think what your talking about the Nameserver details, this is what links the actually machine that has the website on to the website address. Each computer as a unique address similar to that of a house.


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      Thanks Teresa,

      I have managed to get a little bit more done but it is really slow progress.
      I need a guardian angel to fly down and help me out.

      Don't think I am going to get one!!



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        ZENCart have free templates and a really good support site that answers most questions about set up and if you can't find the answer your looking for there are alot of techy people in the forum who can normally help


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          I have just set up a weebly with 123 reg, let me know what you are struggling with still and I may be able to help
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            I thing I am struggling with now is how to attach my paypal account to my site. Any idea????

            Thanks for all your help everyone

            Love Amanda


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              If you type adding paypal to weebly into Google there are a few tutorial on there. I had a look into the help from the weebly page on hoe to do this. You need to create your buttons in Paypal then copy the HTML in your weebly page.


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                Thanks Everyone I seem to be getting somewhere now.

                Love Amanda


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                  I used prestashop, it is fairly easy to set up if you have say intermediate I.T skills. I had a few gliches with it but now everything is A O.K!
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                    I've just built my own website and I have to say I am not very good when it comes to computer related things.
                    I used a company called Mr Site. They send you a password and a book to work through which explains everything clearly. I have now set up my own gallery and shop complete with paypal.
                    You have lots of different layouts and styles etc to choose from and so each site will be unique.
                    If you send me a reply I will post you my website to look at, but cannot list it on the forum yet as I have not sent out enough posts.
                    Through my website you can also buy Mr Site at a reduced cost and the starter package (just to let you know) only cost £19.99
                    Good luck.



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                      I created my website with Mr Site but moved to this year (which was cheaper and also has a 30 day free trial before committing) as Mr Site went to pieces on the Pro package (lots of features didn't work which resulted in them taking away their forum due to all the unhappy customers posting on there!)

                      I think it may only have affected the Pro customers but I also needed features which Mr Site simply couldn't do.

                      A lot is going to depend on what facilities you need - for a basic website there are soooo many options including some which are completely free! Sounds like you are finally getting somewhere with your decision on where to go - I am really looking forward to seeing your finished site!

                      Originally posted by Eiledon View Post
                      If you send me a reply I will post you my website to look at, but cannot list it on the forum yet as I have not sent out enough posts.
                      You can add your web address to your signature.
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                        I know how you feel! I went through 1 and 1 for my website and although there are good templates etc - when I need to add code etc I get flummoxed! Getting better when using my blog thought - but I have heard good reports of Zencarts - I see a lot of people using those now. Hope you get it sorted. Chris xx
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                          I cant even get to zencart! Its just keeps taking me to google ads! I used free wesite builders before, I believe they are not right! That is because I found that they only think about making you join! A bit like this site, them obliged to be here, log in and so forth! I have been fortunate in my web experiences because I leaned to let go of what I thought was free, the free websites. I do think some of them are ok, but as I just exp. from zencart it was not nice flicking from their home page to the ads, then me pressing the back button, then it selfnavigating to the ads again! I can set up links to varified artisans sites, it is really free, and why would I want people to join! Then it just becomes more to check back on! I do not know about weebly, but like with all these free sites, they all look really cool on the fromt pages!! I can make art sites with godaddy, if anybody wants a site, I can make it at cost price,,+teabags!