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Fabric stiffener for cross stitch

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  • Fabric stiffener for cross stitch

    Hi everyone

    I have been doing cross stitch for a while now and have just ordered some coasters to insert my work. Can anyone advise me on a good fabric stiffener so my work will not crease when being inserted? Is spray on or iron on the best. Would really appreciate your comments.

    Many thanks

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    have other people replied at all?

    didnt know wether they have replied personally. Dont know if this will help i find that both are just as good as each other. Sometimes, for things like coasters, i have invisibily tacked mine to thick felt, the same colour as the linen/aida. You dont always have to tack either, because the texture of the felt, grips the material. It depends how permanent you want it to be. I am presuming they are the clear plastic coasters? i only did a set of coasters once, for my children. They are good if you want to use the free stitch pack gifts you sometimes get on the front of mags for something a bit different. i saved up disney ones and made the kids a set of four. Hope this helps. oh yes, i just popped stiff card in before 'closing' the coaster at the back.