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How do I see my replies

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  • How do I see my replies

    Sorr if this is the wrong place to put this but how do I easily find where my replies are in this forum instead of having to trawl through all the questions again to find it and then look at the answers

    Thank you

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    When you log in go to the "new posts" and that will bring up any threads that have been posted on since you were last on the forum. If there is a particular thread you want to look at click the down arrow to the left (she says trying to remember what it looks like) of the heading - move your mouse over it and it should say what it does - which takes you to the first post on that thread since you last viewed, so it should be an easy way to get to the replies. That is probably as clear as mud, but I tried!!


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      Thanlk you very much for that


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        if you want to see all the posts you've made, click on your name on any of your posts and a list will come up. One of the items says 'see all posts by....'
        click on that and all your comments will be listed.

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