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The craft forums
Tell us whats missing... or what you like... or what you want more of....!
Topics: 454 Posts: 4,517
454 4,517
Introduce yourself to the Craft forum
Welcome all new comers... Please introduce yourself...
Topics: 9,208 Posts: 75,794
Last Post: Hello all
9,208 75,794
Hello all
by 3dDave
Forum Rules! rules..
Topics: 153 Posts: 1,243
153 1,243
Handmade Custom Requests
Want a member to make you something? Why not make a Custom Request here.
Topics: 95 Posts: 470
95 470
rag rug guy 47
Tatting Shuttles!?!?
Craft Articles
Have your say about our articles! Give us suggestions and tell us if you have an article you wish to submit.
Topics: 72 Posts: 622
72 622
Craft Directory
The Craft directory
The uk craft websites online craft Q&A Ask away....
Topics: 475 Posts: 3,781
475 3,781
Help in craft supplies
Craft Fairs
UK craft fairs
Discuss anything to do with the craft fair in the UK. Do you host craft fairs or want to ? Know of any good craft worth a look... UK ONLY PLEASE!
Topics: 8,564 Posts: 46,045
8,564 46,045
Craft fairs non uk
Discuss anything to do with the craft fair in the UK. Do you host craft fairs or want to ? Know of any good craft worth a look... NON UK ONLY PLEASE!
Topics: 54 Posts: 300
54 300
Craft Expo Sydney, Australia
Your crafts
Anything and everything regarding your bead crafts. UK Craft Supplies
Topics: 1,178 Posts: 8,963
1,178 8,963
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Sterling silver - what about the hallmark?
by Guest
Candles and candle making
Anything and everything regarding your candle crafts. UK Candles and soaps
Topics: 2,309 Posts: 21,066
2,309 21,066
Anything and everything regarding your crafts. Craft Supplies
Topics: 9,826 Posts: 86,388
Last Post: Something different
9,826 86,388
Something different
Glass Crafts
Anything and everything regarding your glass crafts. Fused, stained, painting, blown and more.. Glass crafts uk
Topics: 424 Posts: 2,313
424 2,313
Photography tips on advice for taking the best picture of craft items and the craft of photograhpy itself.
Topics: 182 Posts: 1,573
182 1,573
How to take photos of paintings
by Fillip
Polymer clay
polymer clay tutorials, polymer clay jewellery ,polymer clay beads, polymer clay projects make polymer clay, fimo polymer clay and so much more.
Topics: 616 Posts: 4,714
616 4,714
Help - Polymer Clay Cuffs
Pottery ceramics
Anything and everything regarding your pottery and ceramics. Craft Supplies
Topics: 473 Posts: 2,627
473 2,627
Your craft projects
Images of your crafts. show off craft project.
Topics: 4,984 Posts: 50,586
Last Post: Jersey cow
4,984 50,586
Jersey cow
Painting Crafts.
Anything and everything regarding your Painting. Craft Supplies
Topics: 240 Posts: 1,652
240 1,652
Recycled crafts
Using recycled items and materials to create crafts.. How to, and great materials lists and tips for creating Recycled crafts
Topics: 237 Posts: 2,287
237 2,287
DIY Creative Mobile Holder
Can you help
Craft problems... craft suppliers
Topics: 2,515 Posts: 14,754
2,515 14,754
Discuss your Handmade cards... Need to promote your handmade card website click here Handmade cards
Topics: 2,288 Posts: 18,650
2,288 18,650
Recommendation for photo trimmer
by Jojo5
Paper Crafts
Paper crafts forum covering the likes of paper crafts for kids, paper craft ideasm, printable paper crafts, tissue paper crafts, christmas paper crafts, paper mache crafts, paper folding crafts, paper crafts for children, origami paper crafts, paper craft, patterns, handmade paper crafts
Topics: 309 Posts: 1,938
309 1,938
Discuss your Hand crafted Jewelry... Need to promote your Jewelry website click here
Topics: 4,465 Posts: 36,808
4,465 36,808
Discuss your Crafty clothing... Need to promote your Fabric website click here
Topics: 433 Posts: 3,404
433 3,404
Discuss wood crafts....
Topics: 985 Posts: 7,685
985 7,685
Beauty, soaps, cosmetics
Discuss home made Beauty, soaps, cosmetics and the alike...
Topics: 1,268 Posts: 8,173
Last Post: Shampoo question
1,268 8,173
Shampoo question
by osisiot
Flowers , and floral art and of courses Dried Flowers
Craft stuff about Flowers, Dried Flowers and the crafty art of floral ART!
Topics: 121 Posts: 809
121 809
Dried flowers on Welsh dresser
by Amypoo
Milliners - Hat making crafts
All things craft related to Milliners - Hat making crafts
Topics: 8 Posts: 112
Last Post: 1st timer
8 112
1st timer
Textile crafts and alike
All those into textiles crafts including hand bags.. Need to promote your Fabric website click here
Topics: 1,081 Posts: 7,427
1,081 7,427
Where can I buy this fabric?
by Lilly42
Curtain Makers
Curtain Makers Forums
Topics: 110 Posts: 682
110 682
All about Scrapbooking Scrapbooking uk
Topics: 249 Posts: 1,243
Last Post: Scrapbook Help :)
249 1,243
Scrapbook Help :)
Making cooking food crafts.
Topics: 441 Posts: 3,879
441 3,879
Do you love making unique food?
by Ewich
Knitting and needlecraft
Knitting and needlecraft patterns, ideas and what are you working on... Show off your skills.. Fabric crafts For tigger and nattynetty ;-)
Topics: 981 Posts: 6,814
981 6,814
Craft Workshops, Courses, and Tutorials
Craft Courses
UK Crafts Courses information.
Topics: 345 Posts: 924
345 924
Craft Tutorials
Craft tutorials Learn How to Make Crafts. Free tutorials and information.
Topics: 195 Posts: 799
195 799
Kids Crafts
Crafts for kids. Ideas tutorials and how to Make Crafts with a focus on kids.
Topics: 111 Posts: 432
111 432
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Website for Children
by Guest
Craft Workshops
UK crafts workshops information.
Topics: 429 Posts: 882
Last Post: Birmingham craft?
429 882
Birmingham craft?
Topics: 119 Posts: 441
119 441
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Hello (& would be great to get a vote!)
by Guest
Craftjuice General
Anything and everything regarding Craft Juice
Topics: 53 Posts: 510
Last Post: Registration Email?
53 510
Registration Email?
by theceo
Craftjuice Help
Need help with ? Craft Juice
Topics: 31 Posts: 161
31 161
Special Occasion Crafts
Christmas Crafts
Ideas for christmas crafts, crafts for chrismas, tree craft, Craft to make!
Topics: 252 Posts: 2,243
Last Post: Glitter baubles
252 2,243
Glitter baubles
Wedding Crafts
Ideas for wedding crafts, crafts for weddings.
Topics: 303 Posts: 2,298
303 2,298
Valentines Crafts
Craft making with love in the valentines crafts forum.
Topics: 66 Posts: 552
66 552
Easter Crafts
Ideas for Easter crafts
Topics: 29 Posts: 167
Last Post: 3D Easter Egg Card
29 167
3D Easter Egg Card
Craft Videos
Videos on crafts, How to craft videos and craft video tutorials
Topics: 88 Posts: 257
88 257
Other Videos
Funny videos, sad videos, animal videos .. Any videos
Topics: 80 Posts: 581
80 581
OMG this is crazy...
Craft Reviews and Recommendations
Craft Books
What's good and bad....

Craft books click here
Topics: 61 Posts: 459
Last Post: ISO Magazine
61 459
ISO Magazine
Stuff you use for craft making... What's good ? What's bad?
Topics: 162 Posts: 1,079
162 1,079
What you reading ? Any good ?
Topics: 62 Posts: 553
Last Post: Woodturning Mag
62 553
Woodturning Mag
crafts Business
Business Postage - RM, Couriers, Packaging etc
Discuss anything to do with postage, royal mail, couriers etc here
Topics: 22 Posts: 213
22 213
Posting large fragile items?
by 3dDave
Setting up a craft business
How to setup a craft business from funds to crafts council to banks etc..
Topics: 705 Posts: 6,844
705 6,844
General craft business
Problems ? Need help from other crafter business advice.
Topics: 1,121 Posts: 10,782
1,121 10,782
UK Tax for crafts
Information about taxes. uk income taxes, craft Receipts and book keeping.
Topics: 247 Posts: 2,220
247 2,220
How to sell crafts locally and at craft fairs
Advice and tips on how to sell your crafts covering at fairs, locally includes shop and markets plus more
Topics: 14 Posts: 154
14 154
How to Sell my crafts
General Advice and tips on how to sell your crafts.
Topics: 1,090 Posts: 9,884
Last Post: Packaging
1,090 9,884
by 3dDave
How to sell my crafts online
Advice and tips on how to sell your crafts covering Online. Etsy, Folksy, ebay, your own site and more
Topics: 30 Posts: 219
Last Post: facebook pages
30 219
facebook pages
Craft websites
UK website Reviews
Got a UK craft site... post the URL as we will review your site.... Need to promote your Craft website click here Craft shops
Topics: 1,018 Posts: 8,326
1,018 8,326
Non UK website Reviews
Got a Non UK craft site... post the URL as we will review your site....
Topics: 77 Posts: 460
77 460
Any old websites
NO adult pls... no spam pls...
Topics: 123 Posts: 873
123 873
Freeola Website Builder?
Crafty friends
Friends forums
friends of the ukcraftwebsites online directory and forums.
Topics: 92 Posts: 560
92 560
Other stuff...
Non crafts related..
Write about anything... Got a site you want to share.... images... sports... good days and bad days...
Topics: 5,348 Posts: 56,915
Last Post: Tuesday 31st
5,348 56,915
MornieG Jewellery
Tuesday 31st
The Craft Challenge Forum
Need a Challenge? Try out our craft challenge forum.
Topics: 44 Posts: 728
44 728
The craft living room
Where people can just get together. :) Don't hold back.. craft suppliers uk
Topics: 2,630 Posts: 34,992
Last Post: Talking of Easter
2,630 34,992
Talking of Easter
by Eliz
Latest UK crafts news
Latest craft blog posts
We have selected the latest blog post from around the world.. Enjoy..
Topics: 1,918 Posts: 6,931
1,918 6,931
So how many blogs do you read?
by Regie
Craft news uk
Selected daily craft news
Topics: 64 Posts: 177
64 177
StefC has been sold
by StefC
Topics: 1,544 Posts: 1,673
1,544 1,673