View Full Version : It's Tuesday tomorrow ~ Why not join Craft juice Tuesday bloggers

05-07-2010, 02:58 PM
Craft Juice tuesday is where bloggers feature one or more products from the tallented crafts people who display their goods on Craft Juice.
Simply title your blog post CRAFT JUICE TUESDAY and then feature the items you like. They can be linked with a theme, or chosen randomly. You should name the creator and link back to the post on craft juice.
You can also leave a comment on the craft juice post linking back to your blog along the lines of "I love you XXXX. I have featured them for craft juice Tuesday on my www.MYBLOG.b........

Why do it?
It's great to see all the creative designs out there.
Share the handcrafted ethos
Drive people to your blog
encourage and promote crafters

examples of craft juice tuesday blog posts are