View Full Version : Hiya Guys..Have you missed me?? NEDay Crafts News ALERT

21-06-2010, 01:55 PM

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well on this lovely sunny afternoon.

I just thought I would pop on here and say hello again. I have tried to download some of my pictures onto here, but due to pixel size being too big, they wouldnt work.

Life at NEDay Crafts is going well, although I am sure we all feeling the tightening of our belts in the crafts industry, I know I am...

I have revamped my website yet again, hopefully for the last time, as changing web hosting is getting very expensive. E commerce websites are especially, when they need to attract more customers, and be easy to navigate.

I am very pleased with my website now and I have new craft kits just added...just in time for the summer.

Not sure if I got you told, but NEDay Crafts was short listed for Make Your Mark in the Markets, where I am currently trading with my craft kits to win a FREE stall for a year at local craft market. I have also got my first bulk order of craft kits into a local Best Western Hotel, to attract more family bookings.

The hardest task for me at the moment is trying to encourage more families to get their children away from computers and tv and enjoy other activities such as arts and crafts.

I am hoping to run summer workshops in empty shops in and around local town centres, which will hopefully attract a few children and I hope to take on a placement trainee to help me run these workshops.

Changes for the better in business seem good and anyone reading this, thinking that the crafts industry is a tough world to be in a the moment, I totally understand your feelings. How ever thinking outside the box, can always work to your advantage

And never give up in what you believe in...no matter how low you get

Speak soon xxx