View Full Version : What beautiful jewelry pieces are unique in your country??

20-11-2009, 09:45 PM
Undeniably, the field of jewelry and accessories design has transfigured itself from being a cottage industry to becoming one of the world's most profitable
and creative ventures. It has been noted whether in the local or international style arena, that the making of accessories whether in form of artsy beading, luxe semi- precious stones, organic finds, or ornate ores has many individuals venturing into this craft. :playball:
Different regions and different countries were able to produce artworks and timeless pieces that has made them household names in the line of accessories and jewelries. Countries in South America like Peru is known to have created some of the finest "Carved gourd and sterling silver" jewelries and "huayruro seeds" ornaments that are definitely world-class.
I hope you could share your country's pride!!!;):)