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28-09-2009, 07:12 PM
My dad has both invented and produces paint brush stands which can hold any number of paintbrushes required. These are stands for paintbrushes in use whilst painting which are designed when using multi brushes for a project to hold the brushes which have been used off the surface so the painter can quickly go on to use another brush for a different colour without the paint getting onto the table/work surface. The stand holds the brushes horizontally (on a slight angle) so the paint doesn't run back down the handle of the brush also.
He sells them through ebay and lists and sells about 3 a week. He can make more and I think the stands are an amazing invention and a great simple and inexpensive idea.
I would like him to be able to sell more of these with the right exposure, but neither he nor I know what that is.

Does anyone involved in painting have any idea what we could do to mrket these. I thought of contacting colleges and universities that offer art courses, but I am wondering if the students would be expected to purchase their own supplies.

If anyone has any ideas - I would be greatful for them.