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13-11-2006, 11:58 AM
hi all,
i'm new on the board, i've just got into knitting and stuff after my mum finally got round to teaching me. so far only done one hat but it's a start! anyway, for a university project i have to design a business plan, and wondered if any of you could help with my market research? please could you reply to this message board or emilygrint@hotmail.com THANK YOU SO MUCH
emily x

1. Are you: male or female?

2. How old are you (please give approx. if preferred)?

3. What is your occupation?

Specific- the product
1. Would you be interested in buying individually handmade woollen clothes (eg. Jumpers), either for yourself or as a gift?

1a. If yes, how much would you be prepared to pay for a handmade woollen jumper?
Up to 10
Up to 20
Up to 30

2. Would you be interested in designing your own clothes to be made by an expert in needlecraft?

2a. If yes, how much would you be prepared to pay for this tailor made service (including the finished product and service)?
Up to 20
Up to 40
Up to 60

3. Would you ever consider buying clothes on the internet?

Specific- the service
4. Do you know how to knit?

4a. If no, would you like to learn?

4b. If yes, would you like to improve your skills and meet like minded people?

5. How much would you be prepared to pay, per hour, for a knitting class?

6. How far would you be prepared to travel to attend a knitting class?
Up to 1 mile
Up to 3 miles
Up to 5 miles

7. If you attended a knitting class, what other services would you like to have available to you? (tick all that apply)
Tea and coffee
One-to-one teaching in spe******t areas
Other (please specify)

8. Please feel free to add any comments about this survey and its contents.

Thank you for completing this survey.