View Full Version : Fusing With Non-Fusing Glass? Impossible!! Is She Nuts??

11-04-2009, 10:53 AM
OK . . I know you think I'm a mad old bird :mf:. . but have you tried fusing with non-fusing glass such a stained glass?

If you haven't and would like to give it a go then can I recommend that you start with Spectrum Baroque, Water Glass or Whispy Opal? All of them can be found here on the Spectrum Glass Web site under stained glass . . if you click on the name in the list and then on the product no. it'll show you piccy's of that colourway.

Now . . I know what you're thinking . . first of all you're shocked :o . . and then second of all you're thinking has she gone bonkers?? :confused: You can't fuse with stained glass!!!!! Well . . you can . . I've been doing it for several years now with pretty good results! . . so long as you fuse glass within it's own compatibility range . . and do the occasional test piece . . you can get away with it! So for example, you can fuse two or three layers of Baroque together, but not Baroque with Whispy Opal or Water Glass. Cos Baroque is a textured glass you need a long bubble squeeze phase . . at least 60 mins for smaller pieces.
The only thing to remember is that most non-fusing glass is much more liable to devitrification, especially if fired more than once! So all ya gotta do is to get your devit spray out!

So . . if you'd like to give it a go . . and increase your repertiore ;) . . I have a firing schedule which seems to work reasonably well with all three of the above Spectrum Glass types. Let me know if you're interested and I'll email it to ya.

Go on . . be a devil and try it!:)

Luv Yer 'n' Leave Yer :kiss: