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01-03-2009, 08:27 PM
Hi all,

I am a fulltime mum who has been making many a crafty items for myself, family and now children over the past few years. since having my daughter early 3 year ago i have begun to make felt hair slides, hair combs, hair bands etc. I startd to make them mainly for my daughter ava and once friends started seing them i made them for gifts for their children and people have been encouraging me to make and sell them on a larger basis. I run a parent and toddle goup and are maing a hair accessorie for the girls and a flt super hero mask for the boys for their summer gft when we break up and ave got a stall place at upcoming fayres in my home town, one in June/July and one in November. The fist is an outdoor street fayre f you like and the other is a craft fayre at the local college.

I just wondered if anyone coud give me som advice as to thebest way to attract interest to my stall, i.e. layout etc. I also think it would be worthwhile for me to have a business name and a card to give out with the hope if getting custom work. I will be selling the items for between £2.50 and £5.00.

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Moonbeam Angel
01-03-2009, 08:44 PM
Hello and welcome to the forum.

All I can say about layout and interest for your stall is two things:

1. A cloth that covers the table front and sides to the floor (so you can keep your spare stock, bag etc underneath without it being seen).

2. Height, some stands on your stall or a Doll's head or a board with accesssories on. It will be up to you to find what's best to display what you are selling but if everything is flat to the table people can't see it from a distance and there will be little interest, I have seen it from experience, goods flat on a table get bypassed by customers.

As to business name and cards, yes this is something people can remember you by. Personally I don't leave business cards on the table as I find people pick them up but don't use them or children will take lots of them to play with. If someone shows interest and says something like, they don't have the money on them, then you can offer them a business card.

Hope this helps!;)

06-03-2009, 04:11 PM
Based on my experience…may be appropriate for your personality/style and product line, or not:

Lots of color – lots of vertical eye catchers as mentioned already…lots of natural fibers around – a nicely textured table cloth, i.e., something to evoke warm fuzzy cozy feelings

Scents (candles – careful - or potpourri) i.e., something to evoke cozy food smells, even for a hair bow booth…

flowers in a jar with a ribbon tied round the top (flowers don’t have to be real, but not plastic)

Colorful party lights – twinklies or not.

A cloth banner appropriate for the season or holiday.

A CD of gentle babbling brook type sounds or some other sounds as fit your style. The fair may have restrictions re sound…maybe just a faint tinkly shell type windchime – unobtrusive so as not to annoy your neighbor!

It seems it is ALWAYS breezy and so I have to clip weights on the hem of my table cloth to keep it from blowing up…I have even safety pinned string from the front to the back hems at either end– run it under the table – to keep the hems from billowing up…AND WATCH OUT FOR MALE DOGS!! Once a man with his dog (on a leash) were looking at my soap and suddenly the dog lifted his leg on my table cloth!

Regarding kids – they do tend to pick things up! One mom yelled NO! at her daughter who had two of my soaps in hand, so the kid dropped them on the ground. They got a lot of dirt stuck on them, and so I could never sell them. Great. Putting a sign up – please do not let you children pick up items – does not necessarily work. So I started putting out soap displays that would be handled and sniffed (so many noses…erck), and even dropped on the ground, and kept the CLEAN stuff at the back in pretty boxes where I could protect them.

For fiber people – fiber items (even cloth bows!) pick up skin oils and make-up and perfume, grease from hands that have been holding snacks, and will even begin to mildly felt sometimes…or at least get fuzzy and picky. SO, you may want to have photos on display and keep your lovely creation in plastic ziplock type bags – say you will gladly get it out for them and model it…explaining nicely why you can’t let it be handled too much….

I had my son make a box for me with a hinged lid – for your receipt tablet, your extra flyers, biz cards, some change, some paper for writing notes to yourself, you cell phone,
and some chocolate, heh…have some wet wipes for your hands, and some tissues for you nose…maybe some aspirin….

Be ready to scoop everything into a storage tub under the table in case of rain….

Little red wagons are SO handy…can fit under the table, can be loaded up with tubs…

A back pack and/or a fanny pack also – rather than a purse. Good for loading up to trek to the car.

Put your name on everything!!

Can you have a small cooler under your table?? I always have to have iced tea (bet that makes y’all cringe) and iced water…and brownies, and a couple of apples. Hat, sunscreen, individual fan/mister, comfy slippers, and a comfy chair cushion – folding chairs and lawn chairs are so miserable IMHO

Write a “script” of what you might need to say to a child or to their mom or dad, about handling your items or getting under you table or whatever, or something you might need to say to an adult who is being obtuse…rehearse your remarks, smiling, in front of a mirror so you are ready.

Raffles Bizarre
06-03-2009, 04:23 PM
this wont be much help as i agree with the comments above and havent thought of anything new.
i just wanted to say good luck with it all and would love to see a picture of your stall when you do it!
also welcome to the forum :D

06-03-2009, 11:07 PM

Welcome to the forum.
I would suggest going to a few events, having a good look at what other people do, find ideas you like and then put your own spin on it, sticking to a theme of maybe one or two colours for your theme.



06-03-2009, 11:19 PM
(welcome)nice to see you here and good luck with your venture.

autumn rose
06-03-2009, 11:26 PM
Hello & (welcome) Glad you found the forum! :D

Great advice above, good luck with everything! :D

07-03-2009, 07:59 AM
Good Golly, Miss Molly!. You can tell Cosmic's a pro.

I'd say try an indoor fair first - it's easier.
Rain is awful. Wrecks your stuff and if you have DIY business cards the ink runs.
I'd add a plastic sheet to throw over the table if the weather turns. Obviously if it's a thunderstorm you give up but some times it's just spitting and foolishly you think it's going to stop.
I second the bar of chocolate and instead of a cooler I have a thermos of coffee.
But don't drink too much as if you are having a good day you won't want to leave your stall ;)
Don't be daunted by Cosmic's list. I started with a basket and sat on the grass. (I now have a market stall, a tent, 10 baskets, a dog cart......:D) (Oh forgot the mini has grown into a van :p)
Best of luck

07-03-2009, 08:16 AM
As to business name and cards, yes this is something people can remember you by. Personally I don't leave business cards on the table as I find people pick them up but don't use them or children will take lots of them to play with. If someone shows interest and says something like, they don't have the money on them, then you can offer them a business card.

I personally find that having business cards and brochures on my stall works very well - on my website - at checkout there is a section asking how you found our site and reason for buying today. The number of times people fill in " picked up card/brochure from xyz event.

I guess it is different for everyone