View Full Version : Printing prices.

06-04-2006, 03:06 PM
Ive been trying to make my own fillers for slide pendents.
So I made up a montage of old postcards, I had trying to fit as much on the A4 page to minimise cost and maximise gorgeous picture output.

I went to a different photocopy shop(wont give names unless nice Mr Media says I can)
Usually an acetate A4 copy was 2.60ish.I decided to try a new place because the original copy place I went to resulted in the pictures haveing lines going through the pictures, I didnt notice at the time, when I did I was rather narked off adn wish Id complained.

Anyhoo,I went to this new place, I received some lovely acetate copies for 1.80.Lovely pictures with no streaky lines.

It pays to shop around, and make sure you get a good look at the fiorst print if your doing more than one.