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18-11-2008, 01:50 PM
A couple of people have asked me for these instructions so I thought it would be better to make them available to all. If they are a bit unclear just let me know and I will revise :)

This will build a page template for Ebay and works in both Turbo Lister and Ebay's 'Sell your item' listing wizard thingy :)

1. Open Microsoft word and insert a table - you'll need to set the columns and rows and I'd suggest something like 3 (columns) x 4 (Rows).

2. Highlight the top row (all three columns) and Merge - You should find this under the TABLE menu or Format Table in cells (where it is depends on the version of Word you have but try the Help menu if you can't find it). This is where your Logo or Header will go so type LOGO in there.

3. Put your cursor in the middle box of the next row and insert another table (1 x 1) so it's just a box and type PHOTO in it to remind yourself what it's for.

4. Now, depending on how many photo's you want in the listing or what other info you want to put you could leave the last row as 3 seperate boxes or you can merge them into one (as you did with the first row).

5. Now you are ready to insert some information I usually lay mine out as follows:

Picture LOGO




blah blah blah etc etc





6. I would write the About Us/Me and Postage information in because it should be the same for all your listings.

7. Set the Font - you'll need to highlight the whole table and then format the font - I'd use about 14pt or up to 18pt and something easy to read and a dark colour (depending on the background you might want).

8. Borders - as you move your cursor over the top left corner of the table you should see a tiny box with an X inside it. Click on the X and then go to format table and click ont he Borders tab. If you are struggling to find these tabs go to VIEW> TOOLBARS and find the table toolbar - which should then appear somewhere either anchored to your toolbars or floating on your screen. First you should set all the borders to NONE (this just makes it easier. Then choose whether you want a thick border or a thin one and what colour you want it to be - you want the border only on the outside so look for a box with a thick line around it and click that.

9. If you want a border around your pictures do the same for the small 1x1 tables that you inserted into the larger table.

10. Background - in a similar way to how you did the borders you can choose the background to the table (This is not the Page Background which is different and won't work!).

11. You've done the basics now you have to cut and paste.

12. Open Turbo Lister or go to the Ebay 'Sell my item' wizard thingy and then go to the Listing Designer bit. Select the table from Word and copy it - then paste it into the listing designer. If you're in Turbo Lister you can save this as a template and duplicate it for more items. You might want to set the page to CENTRE so that the table appears in the centre of your page.

13. Type in the item specific descriptions and information. Sometimes the font will revert to the default rather than the one you chose in Word - just put your cursor in the middle of your pre-typed information and type there - then delete anything that doesn't belong there. Alternatively you can cut and paste from word.

14. You won't be able to put pictures in your word document and then cut and paste them (this is because the table is now in HTML and it needs an internet hosted image) so you can either use pictures that have been uploaded to your website or I think this works for pictures uploaded to one of those free image hosting sites. You need to open the URL where the picture is and open it in your browser - if you right click it should give you the option to COPY - then back in your Listing designer you'll PASTE it into the box or space you wanted the picture placed.

15. You should be able to resize the image - don't be tempted to have it too big because, whilst it's great to have nice large pics - it will take an age to open and people will get bored and leave your listing.

16. You can do the above with as many pictures as you want and you'll need to pur a header or logo at the top - if that's what you want. But just be aware that the more graphic intensive your listing the longer it will take to load.

17. Preview what it looks like and if you are not happy just edit it. There is a limit to how much you can change the table - it might take some experimenting back and forth in Word to get it looking right, but once it is how you like it you can use the same template for all your listings - saves a lot of time.

I think that's all - you do need to know your way around Word a bit but keep using the Help menu or ask in this thread so we can share the trials and tribulations.

Good Luck

Jude :)

PS Do you think we might be able to make this thread a sticky if it's useful to people?

19-11-2008, 09:21 AM
Thank you, it's really kind of you to take the time and trouble to write this all out, it's much appreciated :)

19-11-2008, 09:36 AM
Yes, very kind indeed!

19-11-2008, 06:14 PM
Thank you and you're welcome - do you think the instructions are clear enough? Has anyone tried them and gotten confused?


19-11-2008, 08:30 PM
wow, that's fantastic of you to do that - thank you.
I'm being dim, but does it mean you can have say 3 photos but you don't pay the extra charges for the photos?

20-11-2008, 10:55 PM
Wow, you really have put a lot of effort in there, thank you very much, its very kind of you!

21-11-2008, 01:52 AM
That's really great advice. Thanks! My only concern is this: If ebay cotton on, will they pull the listing on grounds of 'circumvention of fees' in not paying for multiple pics etc?
I had that happen last month for some really little problem 'inappropriate wording' or something. That meant that my already sold items on that item no. disappeared from my list of sold items and also was unable to view feedback etc and was also not permitted to contact the members! Thankfully had paypal emails so all was not lost.
I hadn't done anything wrong but if these things do get brought up it causes lots of problems.
What made me sad is that ebay do not police listings themselves but rely on others to flag inappropriate ones. Did I offend someone? I don't know.:nopity:
Anyhow, if this is all kosher I will be using this advice and I very much appreciate it (Would never have worked out how to do it myself!!!) Thanks so much :)

21-11-2008, 07:58 AM
wow, that's fantastic of you to do that - thank you.
I'm being dim, but does it mean you can have say 3 photos but you don't pay the extra charges for the photos?

Yes you can put as many pictures as you like - I just advise caution in terms of picture size because of the time the page will take to upload. You can put thumbnails and a clickable link (this is easiest in Turbo Lister as it has an Hyperlink link) clicking on the thumbnail will then open a new browser window and the picture can be as big as you like.

nikkisnoveltygifts - It is all perfectly 'legal' - I found the basic information in the Ebay Sellers forums and then googled it and found other instructions etc. I've been on Ebay for over 2 years and never had a problem with it.

I've been reported for circumvention of fees but never for my listing pages - usually some wording or other and I suspect it's just competitors trying to sabotage my business. I usually argue with Ebay until they get so fed up with my lengthy emails that they withdraw the policy violation and refund my listing fees - they aren't the brightest pennies in the penny pot so a few long words and a bit of 'legalise' does the trick :)