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22-08-2008, 12:46 PM
Ok so I know we are not supposed to test on animals and with I think at the last count I have 28 of the little err animals I might be classed as a nutter or animal lover....

I (umm I dont know if proud or something like that is the feeling) can strangley admit to my soap being unintentionally tested on animals..

It sort of happened like this!!!

My son is herseys chocolate syrup mad and asked since I make chocolate soap could I make him some of that... So I did 550g of the stuff...

Unmoulded it last night and I must say I was surprised it lloked weird at first but was drying out really chocolatley, so much so that when I got up this morning my son's dog was chomping through the loaf which had been covered on the side ready for cutting.. He had such a look like aww cr** caught ( this is the dog that ate 2 sofas a few mth back)..

So far only a rumbling tummy, I think I can still hear the vet laughing all the way over here!!! does this mean I should put tested on animals lol ...:sm:

22-08-2008, 12:50 PM
Does you dog need to wash his mouth out with soap and water on a frequent basis?

Roseberry Crafts
22-08-2008, 01:02 PM
At least if he starts foaming at the mouth you know why!:D

Dogs are daft. They'll eat anything! When we were kids we had a dog that (over the course 2 years); lapped up a chip pan full of oil (cold or he would really have been poorly), ate 12 oxo cubes including the foil and the pine dispenser they hung on the wall in, ate carpet (regularily) and cushions, teddy bears, furniture ......and the list could go on.....! He was a total nightmare. He was called Barney but after a while we just called him Barmey!

Tip Top
22-08-2008, 01:22 PM
Heheheh!! At least it was not the child that ate it!!

I have some fab cupcake candles (from Candles by Lisa) and I have a right battle to stop my boys from eating them!!:D