View Full Version : My 1st non-elastic neclace and a question

14-10-2005, 05:26 AM
Hi, this is my first non stretch magic neclace, i used that 'invisible thread', wasnt too bad, so here it is


and my question is, ive been making jewellery for a while now, and a lady who bought a bracelet off me gave me a bunch of pearl to make her something and ive had them for months and i just dont have a clue wot to do with them they are real pearls as well, but they are aweird shape

like a half a round bead different sizes too ' D ' <---like that with the hole through the middle, any ideas would be greatly appreciated

14-10-2005, 09:27 AM
Real pearls arnt round as we know them.
Maybe you could divide them into the different sizes, have the biggest at the middle/centre of any design and work your way out to the smaller ones.
I was mucking about with bits and bobs I have at home and I put together pearls, white/plain diamontes(the ones with the metal setting so it can be threaded)and aurora borealis beads.The combination looks beautiful.I still have it, I stuck it in my arty crafty book as inspiration.I also added a pearl drop.

14-10-2005, 10:08 AM
The D shape beads are often used on bracelet as spacers as they sit nicely. It depends how many you have.

Pearls are very trendy at the minute - have a look on the High Street. I have made a necklace and matching bracelet mixing light grey and dark grey pearls with swarovski bicones. http://www.queenofbeads.co.uk/7.html?frm_data1=5&frm_data1_type=large

There is also one made with swarovski wave pearls in my gallery, I love the shape!

And last night I did a necklace on stretch magic with 10mm champagne glass pearls and champagne rice pearls. No picture yet, as I am wearing it today. I got compliments on all three sets of pearls necklace! :lol:

Hope you get inspired!