View Full Version : Shopping list - chips

29-06-2008, 04:08 PM
Well It was payday and I have been given a little budget for a few beads! I am looking for a good place to get amethyst chips from at a good price please. Also other semi precious stones.
Any directions?

29-06-2008, 06:34 PM
I generally go see who has a sale on when I want something specific. I usually buy at random!

try www.beadsdirect.co.uk (http://www.beadsdirect.co.uk) they have a good selection of semi-precious - yep just looked and they even have some on sale, although unfortunately not amethyst

Also www.thebeadstore.co.uk (http://www.thebeadstore.co.uk)

Yep - looked there too, they have glass chips on sale in purple, I have bought blue ones before and they are fine - it really depends what you are doing with them.

www.jillybeads.co.uk (http://www.jillybeads.co.uk)

Definitely sell amethyst chips

www.empirebeads.co.uk (http://www.empirebeads.co.uk)

Quite a few shapes of amethyst, including chips

Should keep you busy for a while - alternatively, try the UK only search on google

Hope that helps