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Welcome to Verytribe.com!! Here you will the best Asian unique tribal related products with very compettetive prices, and we are dedicated to offer all you there a sincere and prompt service. We hope you really enjoy your the time with Verytribe!


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Dear Friends,

We are China based supplier and exporter of Tibetan Jewelry, Miao Jewellery and China tribal costume etc, supported directly by Tibetan/Local Miao artisans (Tibet & Miao both are World's most remote and peaceful civilizations). We have rich experience in cooperating with importers, wholesalers, Distributors, agents, shop owners, etc. We can offer you good items with very competitive price. This leaves you enough space to promote our products and get ideal results .

Miao minority silver jewelry’s production is completely hand processing in the family workshops. Silversmith make the fusion silver into sheets strips and threads, and then make them into elegant veins by various arts and crafts such as pressing, chiseling and carving. Finally a silver jewelry is finished by welding and weaving these silver sheets, strips and threads. Miao minority’s arts and crafts of silver processing are rather complicate. For example, a silver jewelry will be totally finished only after twenties of working procedure. Furthermore, arts and crafts of the silver jewelry have the strict requirement on the arts of the silversmith. Only excellent silversmith can do it well.

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Just one question, why can't you just browse the site and see how much things are? I never join up to a site until I know whether I can afford the product or not. The stuff looked nice, but as I said, I wouldn't buy as I can't see the price without registering first. Registering first I've found in the past usually results in me getting a load of spam for a product completely outside what I can afford