View Full Version : greeting card badges

18-05-2005, 04:07 PM
I am making kids greeting cards and am looking for age badges to complete them. so far i have only found ones with teddys or images on or ones that are in garish colours. I am looking for plain and simple ones just with ages 1-9 and also milestone ages. any suggestions?

09-06-2005, 05:17 PM
Hi, I would suggest party supply shops, the local one we have has loads of age badges.
Hope this helps.

10-06-2005, 09:21 AM
thanks - i have looked in party shops but no plain ones and the ones they do have are rather over budget - looking for trade prices as will need to buy in bulk.
Have brought my own badge machine for the moment but will need something a bit more proffessional later down the line. Does anyone know of a good place to get card badges made up?