View Full Version : It's booked and we're going!! Hooray!

02-05-2008, 03:16 PM
Well I finally managed to book our flights, I'm registered to attend the UFDC convention (http://www.ufdc.org/)in Las Vegas this summer, finishing off with the Doll Expo (http://www.blogger.com/www.dollandteddyexpo.com) in Washington DC on our way home.
This is going to be the holiday of a lifetime for me and Alice. I get to play dolls at one of the biggest doll conventions in the world and Alice gets to go on some of the biggest rollercoaster rides too. We intend to have some time in los Angeles at the Universal studios and a few days at the Grand Canyon, somewhere I have been before but a place I can't see too much of.

Now I need to seriously work on some competition stuff and get my profile updated......
I'm so excited!!

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02-05-2008, 06:18 PM
sounds brilliant bet you cant wait

Rodeo Lady
02-05-2008, 08:24 PM
Hope you have a fantastic trip... Doll heaven awaits.

Cheers Janice

P.S Would love to see the Grand Canyon take plenty of pictures for us.