View Full Version : Raw Materials Sale

18-04-2008, 11:07 AM

I'm having a clear out and want to sell off some raw materials that I won't be needing. This includes frits, raw materials to make the base of glazes like neph sye, colouring/other ingredients for a glaze like rutile, manganese dioxide & carbonate, and on-glaze powders. I also have some base chun glaze and some random dark brown stoneware glazes that you may be able to mess around with...

It doesn't include the more popular ingredients used for glazing like china clay, potash feldspar, quartz etc as I'm still using these.
I'm in Leicester so this is probably only suited to local potters unless you're willing to pay postage.

Anyone interested in a price list or want to see if I have a particular ingredient can you send me a personal message,