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07-04-2008, 08:42 AM
Yesterday was April showers – Today snow! It looked like January outside this morning when we got up. Daddy and Em decided to get out quick before it all disappeared to made a little snowman …

http://bp0.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i9wThhl_I/AAAAAAAAAvo/QhmwOZrmDf0/s320/IMG_2143.JPG (http://bp0.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i9wThhl_I/AAAAAAAAAvo/QhmwOZrmDf0/s1600-h/IMG_2143.JPG) Rolling balls of snow at 9AM this morning...

http://bp2.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i9ozhhl-I/AAAAAAAAAvg/Pt92ndNdsD8/s320/IMG_2146.JPG (http://bp2.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i9ozhhl-I/AAAAAAAAAvg/Pt92ndNdsD8/s1600-h/IMG_2146.JPG)Nearly finished - Just needs a mouth and hat...

http://bp3.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i9fDhhl9I/AAAAAAAAAvY/tP7ZL5Fk_e8/s320/IMG_2149.JPG (http://bp3.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i9fDhhl9I/AAAAAAAAAvY/tP7ZL5Fk_e8/s1600-h/IMG_2149.JPG) ... All finished - Snowman with flowerpot hat

… & with the rain non-stop yesterday I decided to make some Pom Poms with Em. It took a while to get going but here is the end result. She didn’t want me to trim the edges as she said she liked it all ‘sticky out’!
http://bp2.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i88zhhl8I/AAAAAAAAAvQ/xWD4MjELaP0/s320/DSCN1774.jpg (http://bp2.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i88zhhl8I/AAAAAAAAAvQ/xWD4MjELaP0/s1600-h/DSCN1774.jpg)

http://bp0.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i82Thhl7I/AAAAAAAAAvI/-xVJFBsU7ZU/s320/DSCN1772.JPG (http://bp0.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i82Thhl7I/AAAAAAAAAvI/-xVJFBsU7ZU/s1600-h/DSCN1772.JPG)The Pom Pom was made with cream wool and thin strips of pink and cream fabric. I then added the beads to the centre and a felt flower and brooch pin on the back, so that Em can give it to Nana :o)
http://bp3.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i8tDhhl6I/AAAAAAAAAvA/ogLQFggSEWc/s200/DSCN1790.jpg (http://bp3.blogger.com/_dVtRZOiJbco/R_i8tDhhl6I/AAAAAAAAAvA/ogLQFggSEWc/s1600-h/DSCN1790.jpg)I made a larger one, but it's a bit too big to make into a brooch. So it's currently sitting on my 'half finished projects' pile.
Useful links – If you make a lot of Pom Poms get yourself one of these Pom Pom makers (http://www.sewandso.co.uk/cgi-bin/find/db.cgi?db=zoom&uid=&Prod_Code=45163&ww=on&do=search_results). They’re great and do it twice as fast.

More... (http://incywincytogs.blogspot.com/2008/04/strange-weather-and-pom-poms.html)

07-04-2008, 09:00 AM
lovely photos love the pompoms

09-04-2008, 03:27 PM
Love the Snowman and gloves, your daughter looked like she was having great fun. I just love the pompom brooch.