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  1. Please read before posting in the Custom Requests forum
  2. Silversmith required for custom made pendants
  3. Candle maker assistance help needed
  4. Wooden shelf for a cage
  5. Clay/ceramic sculptor needed - car shaped butter dish/ piggy bank request
  6. pewter dice.
  7. hairband cover
  8. Stamp logo
  9. Poker Dealer Button in clear resin - with logo and wording
  10. Come to Malawi and Teach Crafts
  11. wanting a rag doll making or advice on what to use
  12. help appreciated
  13. Hand stamped sterling silver circles with loops
  14. Triangle on a Hi Vis vest
  15. Scented candle
  16. Display for silk bouquets
  17. Looking for a candle maker
  18. Help needed
  19. Silver plating?
  20. cone shaped small por
  21. A monkey needs some clothes
  22. Personalised ballet party invite
  23. Looking for french flag fabric bunting
  24. Help wanted
  25. Help needed for idea to slump light shade!!!!
  26. Custom die for Sizzix Big Shot
  27. I need a vintage-y headscarf please!
  28. Hi guys, please give me some ideas
  29. curtains for non standard window
  30. using olive oil in soap making
  31. Help Please
  32. public and product liability
  33. What pens and paints to use on jute bags.
  34. looking for handmade soaps and bath products to spain...
  35. Candle in coffee glasses & cupcake candles
  36. Mdf shapes
  37. Dressing Gown
  38. Frame for fascinator
  39. does anyone make silver rings?
  40. Help needed please
  41. Hanging Stand
  42. tweed hat maker needed
  43. Needed: wood turned interior products made in Yorkshire
  44. Ceramics made in Yorkshire: we want to see your products!
  45. Wooden MDF memory boxes?
  46. Help!!!!
  47. Workshop NEEDED - Woodwork
  48. Hat Blocks
  49. Can anyone make me a MDF height chart blank?
  50. Silver Charm
  51. Thank you
  52. Plywood or mdf 100 x 30cm
  53. Giant Knitting Needles!?
  54. Giant Knitting Needles Holder and Giant Crochet Hooks Holder??‏‏
  55. Tunisian Crochet Hooks???
  56. Baby Rucksack
  57. Pjoning/Bosnian Crochet Hooks?
  58. Fur items
  59. Custom request for all woodworkers
  60. Samples Request ~ Advertising Opportunity
  61. Can anyone make small organza/favour bags?
  62. Bespoke Table Runners and Napkins - WANTED
  63. Urgently needed
  64. Looking for someone to make me 5 Pin Weaving Looms - can anyone out there help??
  65. Wood tray
  66. Can some help me in designing my room with inexpensive ideas
  67. Personalised Memory pillows?
  68. Leather Request / Advice Please?
  69. HELP!! Labels for Soaps etc
  70. crochet snowmen
  71. I need a charm of a red duffle coat
  72. Vinyl decals
  73. Ornament designer
  74. Anne Boleyn Pendant BUT Need An S Not a B Custom Laser Cut Perhaps ?
  75. Freestanding wood letters, NOT mdf
  76. Fuchsia crystal/rhinestone (bib?) necklace, earrings and bracelet
  77. Create replica earring
  78. Casting/Epoxy resin making
  79. Looking for a crafter to create unique tutorials for popular website
  80. Handmade soap supplier
  81. scissors embellishments or scissor moulds bigger than 3cm?
  82. Makers Mark, stamps, bespoke metalwork,
  83. Bespoke Dressing Gown
  84. Cuff-link Business Start-up Jeweller wanted
  85. Ceramic Book Decanter
  86. Crafters wanted travelling distance of Teesside
  87. Multi panel umbrella
  88. custom
  89. Looking for some one to create DIY craft tutorials
  90. Can anyone cut me a Wooden lion?
  91. Wooden Hoop
  92. I make pyrography art