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  1. Ok I'll go first!
  2. and me second!
  3. Vote For Ziggy Please!
  4. My first craft juice offering!
  5. New Person to CJ
  6. First posting on CraftJuice.
  7. new item juiced
  8. I learnt something new .....
  9. Vote for My Bear Please!
  10. WOW! - This deserves a few more votes :)
  11. Some for me??!
  12. Please vote for me *grovels*
  13. First ever Craft Juice item...
  14. My first Craft juice submissions!
  15. getting the hang of craftjuice
  16. My first item on Craftjuice ~ please vote for me! Ta!
  17. First submission
  18. Pretty Please
  19. Celtic plaque needs your support
  20. ive jumped on board - please take a look (& vote if you like!)
  21. First Craft Juice Item please vote!
  22. Another celtic plaque looking for your love
  23. My first craft juice item!
  24. photo card
  25. A celtic clock
  26. purple suede bracelet
  27. Only need one more.....
  28. Just one more vote lol!
  29. Do you believe in Fairies?
  30. Hair Clip - Please vote if you like it
  31. Please vote for my craft juice item (if you like it lol)
  32. My first attempt at making fabric flower brooches!!
  33. My newest party dress!
  34. Please Vote For My Sunflower!
  35. Father plaque
  36. my very first Craft Juice listing
  37. my baby quilt
  38. Please vote for my bangle or my shoulder pad ;)
  39. Please vote for my sleepsuit
  40. my new necklace need votes, please
  41. Posted Couple of Items
  42. Finally got the hang of Craftjuice - I think!
  43. please vote for my Scottish burp cloth
  44. A Lonely Lampwork Pendant would love a few votes
  45. My first!
  46. I'm begging again but at least I am green
  47. This little fella could do with your love
  48. Please vote for my teddy bear burp cloth
  49. please vote for my first card!
  50. please vote for my latest NICU set
  51. Vote beg for my 1st submission!
  52. Vote beg for my first listing in a while
  53. vote beg please
  54. I love this ring!
  55. Vote for my friends reborn babies
  56. First Juice in a while!!
  57. Please vote for me!!
  58. New Year New Jewellery please vote :)
  59. New For February
  60. my feb cards
  61. Midnight Stars collection....please vote
  62. My new hat
  63. First Earrings
  64. votes needed.....
  65. Added some to Craft Juice
  66. CJ newbie could do with a few votes!
  67. Citrus Beads need some Zest !!
  68. beggy beg beg!
  69. Begging for my first Juice
  70. Please?
  71. On my hands and knees!
  72. Please please Vote
  73. Little Summer Dress
  74. Ballerina Fairy
  75. Dino Dung jewelery (coprolite)
  76. Vote for my Christmas card set
  77. fridge magnet set
  78. Just one more vote?!
  79. Please everyone help me by voting for my design - last chance tonight!
  80. Let's have Valentine's Day before Christmas!
  81. New Craft Juices!!
  82. Begging for your vote!
  83. Help me Get My Picture Published on Craft Juice Please
  84. Just Joined CJ - Could I Have Some Votes?!
  85. Only 1 more vote needed!
  86. new craft juice listing
  87. A few with 1 vote needed.
  88. Nobody votes.Is it that bad ?
  89. Just 1 vote needed.
  90. 2 new lines added
  91. Beg for Natural Candles
  92. Please Vote for Me :)
  93. Peach Soap - just need one vote and confused about voting!
  94. Please Vote for me :D
  95. Really need votes - Anyone interested in a Vote Exchange?
  96. Please give my tic tac toes car cushion a vote
  97. First time Craftjuice posting
  98. A large crowd has just landed from Craftfest
  99. Craftjuice - Please can you vote for me :-)
  100. CraftJuice - Beaded Cuff Bracelet
  101. Just added my first Item to CraftJuice
  102. Beg for votes of a different kind
  103. Just joined Craft Juice. Help Victor Valentine!
  104. Some of my Gift Items to vote for on Craftjice.
  105. Photo Panel Vote Request
  106. Could I please get a vote
  107. Could I get a vote or two please
  108. Teddy is asking for your votes
  109. First item added to craft juice
  110. Olly teh cat is up on craftjuice.
  111. Zombie Cats, give them a vote and not your flesh!
  112. First item submitted!
  113. Robert and Bob need your help!
  114. hanging hearts begging for votes! :)
  115. just posted a fuchsia ruffle scarf
  116. Magnetic Spice Tins
  117. New member help?
  118. Wonder if you could vote
  119. Hello (& would be great to get a vote!)