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  12. Milliput
  13. Just wanted to share my polymer jewelry :)
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  16. My latest cake topper: Super moshi monster for 6 year olds birthday.
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  25. start of my orge
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  27. Hi ! i'm back !
  28. Amazing Mold Putty, help please
  29. Fimo Canes
  30. My first Clay Figurine
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  34. Novice help please.
  35. Fimo Pack Sizes
  36. varnish for fimo
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  38. Cat or dog?
  39. Any tips please?
  40. I just sold my first bracelet on Etsy!!
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  47. best way to make figures stand
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  49. How to Filigree?
  50. Sculpey UltraLight - How To Work With It?
  51. Clay Tools?
  52. Best 'How To' Books For Polymer Clay?
  53. Tutorial transfer in polymer clay without water or acetone
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  55. polymer clay acrylic varnish
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  57. What is the best oven to buy.
  58. Some Cake Toppers
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  60. Do you know........
  61. How the heck do you keep the shape? (cane making)
  62. A question
  63. Just one more
  64. Help with a problem
  65. Renaissance Liquid Leaf On Polymer Clay?
  66. newbie, problem with doll head, advice needed.
  67. Newbie - my creations and questions
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  69. securing pieces together?
  70. Earrings Tutorial fimo Polymer Clay- Drawing technique with acrylic paint
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  72. Varnishing finished pieces
  73. Help with gizmo
  74. How hard after cooking Fimo?
  75. Which translucent clay?
  76. Miniatures
  77. Recipe for Sculpey Premo Cadmium Yellow
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  81. Modern Delft Bracelet
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  86. Workshops?
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  88. Modern Delft Bracelet
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  91. Problems with a Mould
  92. What do you think?
  93. Your thoughts please
  94. Das Modelling Clay
  95. How to make hair?
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  102. Just Wondering
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  104. epoxy block
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  111. Here be Dragons
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