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  1. New Section for Kids crafts.
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  3. Painting on sponge
  4. St Albans Baby Show, Sat 5th Sept
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  24. Making a "taggy"
  25. Kids Summer Holiday Workshops in North East England
  26. Children's Jewellery Making Workshops Staffs & Shrops
  27. kids group in france
  28. Paper Plates - is there anything they can't do?
  29. Hello
  30. make your own -
  31. Giant Foil Flowers
  32. Restore Plasticine Colour
  33. Teaching skills to children.
  34. NEDay Crafts has been invited to USA
  35. Craft kit instructions
  36. NEDay Crafts have something exciting to shout about!!
  37. Simple Cellophane Tealights
  38. What type of Glitter do you use with kids and do you care about the quality?
  39. "Spacecraft" an intergalactic kids craft workshop.
  40. Miss Universe ;-)
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  42. Underwater mermaid paper plate picture instructions
  43. Sparkly Halloween spiders
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  46. Cone people, animals and aliens!!
  47. Boy Craft - How to make a Gladiator Helmet
  48. Christmas decorations - Snowmen
  49. Kids Crafts People needed in Suffolk
  50. Christmas Baskets made out of a paper plate
  51. Easy Patty Pan Christmas Chains.
  52. Happy New Year from NEDay Crafts
  53. Happy 2011 - NEDay Crafts need your help for Events/Festivals
  54. Australia Day. Sydney Opera House in 3D
  55. "My Family Felt Board" and other crafts about Me
  56. Chinese New Year, make a red paper lantern.
  57. Make a Pom Pom Poi Poi
  58. Interior Design project
  59. Undersea Jar
  60. Who Will Drive the School Bus? Half-term fun!
  61. St. Patricks Day Suncatcher
  62. Paper mache monsters - great half term project
  63. Free animation workshops at Peckham SE15
  64. Hi I am looking for Crafts for kids
  65. Crawling Caterpillar out of plastic cups.
  66. Kiddies Craft for Carnival
  67. Funky Peacocks
  68. Kid's Tin Paintbox
  69. Kiddies products
  70. NEDay Crafts are looking for Sales Consultants
  71. Making an Easter hat with children
  72. Make an Easter Bunny - Paper Plate Craft!
  73. Streeeeeetchy Faces - fun easter project
  74. Mothers Day; Decorated Handcream Jar
  75. Crepe Flowers for Mothers Day
  76. Crepe Flower Ties
  77. Stained Glass Snowflakes
  78. Flying Dragon Puppet
  79. How to make a wet-felted picture with your child
  80. Community Project and good Sculpture idea for the kids over the summer
  81. Fabric & Foam Art
  82. Sequined Mirror
  83. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  84. Easy Play Kitchen
  85. Get all arty with 3D relief Paintings
  86. Xmas Fair looking for Childrens Crafts Stools!! Romford, Essex.
  87. Pom-poms
  88. Festive Hello From NEDay Crafts
  89. Kids group project - inexpensive and great for days inside while its snowing!
  90. Biscuit Buildings!!! perfect half term fun
  91. Spring crafts to make with children - Easter bonnets?
  92. Gelatin soap
  93. Easy Marionette Making!
  94. Craft foam mosaics
  95. Spinning Tops
  96. Happy Halloween! Make a Mummy Puppet Hanging Decoration :0)
  97. kids half term activities free at hobbycraft
  98. snow jar
  99. easy ribbon ornament
  100. Easy Peasy Christmas Card for Children
  101. Pop up Easter Card - perfect for children 5+
  102. Musical Instruments
  103. Pop Up City of London - or your home town! perfect for summer holiday fun
  104. Design a stamp for the Royal Mails Christmas stamps
  105. 3D Christmas Tree Card/Gift tag/decoration...super flexible project for kids!
  106. Super Easy Childrens Easter Pop Up Card
  107. Website for Children
  108. Crafting ideas for Primary aged children please
  109. Paint suitable for 1 year olds
  110. Craft project with kids
  111. Craft project with kids