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  1. Receipts
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  5. Bought a book
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  11. 2nd Tax Year - Claiming expenses for Materials not used from previous tax year
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  14. National insurance question
  15. Bookkeeping programs
  16. SA forms
  17. Should I get an Accountant?
  18. National Stamp payment
  19. Taxy Type Stuff
  20. self employed - ARRRGHH! (and bank acc!)
  21. That form
  22. Question about stock & self assessment.
  23. He liiiieeeeed!!!!
  24. “Natural SEO” service for my web business
  25. Im new to self taxing
  26. Expenses for the self-employed
  27. anyone else get the tax bill today?
  28. Importing Taxes
  29. New computer
  30. It's that time of year again
  31. £23 charge???
  32. 2 businesses?
  33. Submitted my first Self Assessment return!
  34. Payslip advice please
  35. VAT on market cabins
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  37. vat
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  41. I'm so happy!
  42. Government gateway
  43. IR message question
  44. Tax ****
  45. Woohoo, its done!!
  46. Another one bites the dust
  47. wish me luck
  48. Newbie
  49. Confused about tax return
  50. UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference)
  51. done and dusted!!
  52. Penalty for late registration
  53. Thank you
  54. help please all in a muddle
  55. sorry me again
  56. Tax year... when does it end and start?
  57. supply ordered before 5th april
  58. Tax return filed
  59. tax return
  60. Thanks guys!
  61. Importing/exporting.
  62. How to pay yourself?
  63. Help Required pleeeeease
  64. Tax headache, can anyone help
  65. Do I have to register as a self employed?
  66. Phew, that's that done for another year
  67. Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009
  68. Purchases before business is set up
  69. SA form question
  70. tax help! do I need to register
  71. accountants and tax forms?
  72. Account spreadsheet & Open Office.
  73. Two accounting Qs
  74. Business Start Date
  75. Self employed and working
  76. Registering with inland revenue
  77. Can anyone help with VAT question
  78. Higher Rate Tax
  79. Work email from HMRC
  80. Question re:1st Tax return
  81. Advise: First Year Without an Accountant
  82. Looking for a little advice. Confused!?!?!?
  83. Back to 17.5% in Jan!!
  84. Import tax
  85. NI an expense?
  86. Two businesses?
  87. Tax Return???
  88. Raising money for charity
  89. Craft Fairs
  90. Need a cite for tax (not site!)
  91. Registering as self employed online
  92. Anyone that is on benefits and runs their own business?
  93. Book keeping/accounts
  94. Getting forms question
  95. A couple of questions - expenses etc
  96. self employed NI
  97. Forms/I know ths sounds silly
  98. Benifit, Tax and such,, help!
  99. A repeated form!!
  100. import from america
  101. Bookeeping/Accounts Software
  102. Self-assesment thingy? Help?
  103. help - not craft related - does anyone know anything about company car tax ???????
  104. working from home expenses
  105. its Easter Sunday and what am I doing ??
  106. how to become self employed?
  107. Students and tax?
  108. Tax Rebate..Woo Hoo!
  109. Stung by customs charge :(
  110. CGT/IHT & Stamp duty
  111. Tax help :(
  112. Do I need an accountant?
  113. VAT Help Please
  114. Concerned about the current HMRC underpaid tax situation?
  115. paypal fees - tax expenses to offset ?
  116. car expenses
  117. sorry another tax question ! for web sales
  118. Tax refund email WARNING.
  119. Tax returns, when should I receive?
  120. Help please, tax registration question
  121. Remember the Vat Increase
  122. Postage receipts
  123. To VAT increase or NO VAT increase ?
  124. Regersting a buisness with HMR
  125. Register as self-employed
  126. A little bit of good news in all the doom and gloom
  127. Claiming for hours worked?
  128. VAT on stall fees
  129. postage for stock bought, where do you categorise it??
  130. HELP!! ...keeping a record!
  131. A few taxey niggles confusing me! Please help! :)
  132. Accounts Software or not?
  133. I dont make enough to pay tax but I reclaim it on my beads?
  134. can I claim
  135. 2010-2011 Tax Return Done!
  136. Help please!
  137. Tax advice needed for hobby craft while disabled
  138. Hello
  139. Self Employed or Limited Business
  140. Registering as self employed - business name
  141. Tax Refund ??????
  142. Tax Evasion
  143. got a couple of questions
  144. Give receipts to customers at fairs?
  145. Self Assessment question
  146. National Insurance question
  147. ummm help
  148. Should I input postage on my purchases spreadsheet if was charged to the customer?
  149. New to all this - little bit of help needed!
  150. Nat ins contributions question
  151. Business License and VAT registration
  152. How to 'account' for raffle gift donated at Craft Fair?
  153. Selling - the details?
  154. Help! Can I add bits I've missed to next years tax return?
  155. Useful Info - How you do a Tax Return
  156. Confused ( Tax Returns )
  157. Could I be anymore unlucky?
  158. Question of the year on your tax return
  159. HMRC telephone workshops
  160. Tax Return - Done!!!
  161. crafts for personal use
  162. Tax return and stock
  163. The consequences of being charitable
  164. Help! Reigstered self employed in May 2011 but no tax form yet. Is that right?
  165. Freelance or Self-Employed? Important Advice from money expert Martin Lewis...
  166. Registered with HMRC
  167. Heads up
  168. Hobby-Business confusion
  169. Is it worth selling on Etsy once tax is factored in?
  170. Doing my spreadsheet - Paypal question
  171. Really need help.
  172. Which Business Account ?
  173. Book-keeping system?
  174. End of financial year - query about stock
  175. items purchased before i have registered as a business
  176. Link to HMRC workshops you can view online
  177. HMRC confusion :S
  178. Confused ...... Please help
  179. Sending packages overseas
  180. Claiming back expenses?
  181. Using an accountant?
  182. 'Tax Freedom Day'
  183. HMRC on the prowl.
  184. Friends selling my jewellery - confused about who pays tax
  185. is stock taking required for tax purposes?
  186. Not advertising or selling so do I need to register yet?
  187. Removing GST on my items to Jersey?
  188. HELP!!! I've made a mistake registering for tax!!!
  189. Was I supposed to say I am already employed when I registered online for tax?
  190. Help??
  191. registering for tax, help please?
  192. New & a little scared!
  193. To register or not?
  194. Confused about registering...
  195. Tax relief on ingredients?
  196. Help with being exempt from National Insurance Contributions.
  197. Want an 'ID' card to prove self employment - petition link here!
  198. what can i claim for....
  199. The Importance of Tax Return accuracy!!!
  200. When do I submit my first tax retun?
  201. ?Phone Number for registering?
  202. What Next? just registered
  203. Commision fees and accounting question
  204. Advice if i can claim back certain things
  205. Claiming for website costs
  206. Tax return Already?
  207. help me please with my online self assessment.
  208. VAT question-help!
  209. Help please on ending my business! what do I do?
  210. music to my ears, if you are just selling for a hobby read this.
  211. Registering for tax - not for profit 'businesses'
  212. Payment in kind
  213. Help! My brain feels like it's ready to explode...
  214. VAT and product cost for hand made products
  215. Bookkeeping
  216. Going to be a pain but I need Self Employed help!
  217. Cost of product ? How do I calculate it ?
  218. books for book keeping
  219. Am I doing this right - accounts
  220. Questions on Bookkeeping and receipst etc (sorry!!!)
  221. New Shop
  222. a couple of self assessment questions, how to record certain things?
  223. Self employed and current employment
  224. Some newbie questions about tax
  225. Newbie in need of help. Registering business and taxes.
  226. Before registering. What questions will I need answers for?
  227. Registering My Craft Business for Tax - HELP NEEDED*
  228. hoping you can help - tax return
  229. How long before start selling can I register with HMRC
  230. Setting up a new craft bussiness
  231. Confused about tax
  232. Help please!
  233. Excel layout for craft business? Help please :)
  234. EU Rules on VAT for Digital Sales
  235. WTC and Concentrix letters
  236. Tax when it's a hobby
  237. Are you a "hobby" crafter? Information you must read...
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  239. What we have been waiting for
  240. Very useful videos from hmrc - are you a business and what to do
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  242. Giving stock away
  243. £1000 tax free with ifs and buts.
  244. I've made a mess...
  245. Stock and Tac Return
  246. Registering as sole trader for crafts business? Any implications on tax?