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  1. What to do with the excess beading wire
  2. Thread matters
  3. End Cones for Necklaces
  4. Beading suppliers for a business
  5. Big eye needles
  6. What's the best bead sorting tray?
  7. I made my first pair of earrings
  8. wire and beads
  9. Lacquer for gemstones/shells?
  10. How To Knot Beadalon Elasticty?
  11. A very complicated beadwork
  12. I've Been Creating Fimo Animal Beads
  13. name for beads you squish on invisible thread to hold other beads in place
  14. beads for Scarves
  15. Strong beading thread
  16. Porcelain beads and ceramic beads question
  17. where to buy diamante buttons
  18. Going to be in a book!
  19. Empire beads closing, shock!!
  20. How do you store yours?
  21. Advice needed for beaded proposal ring
  22. 16mm crackle beads?
  23. Faceted Crystal Beads/Balls
  24. Beaded jewellery NCFE Creative Craft - no more!!!
  25. Clay beads- kiln advice please!
  26. Please can you
  27. Polymer Clay Bead Roller
  28. Amber beads and other natural types
  29. beaded tigerlily flower .. how to make?
  30. Looking for a Pandora style crystal spacer bead / rondelle
  31. Where to sell unwanted supplies?
  32. Help please to make a bead ball pendant
  33. Where to buy beads and supplies
  34. Just wanted to share
  35. Micro-macrame
  36. What is waxed cord waxed with?
  37. Flattened Bicones
  38. Knots for this idea
  39. Your Most Used Beads?
  40. Searching for 20mm black glass lentil beads with silver stripes!
  41. plastic letters for personalised braclets
  42. Empire Beads
  43. Frilly bracelet
  44. Your Favorite Beads Poll
  45. Can you buy size 9 Toho seed beads?
  46. where can i get these beads
  47. Does anybody know where i could find oval swarovski bead or czech crystal
  48. Ricks beading loom, in beads and beyond
  49. Can you guess what was the initial scheme of this work?
  50. Amber Beads Wanted.
  51. beading looms
  52. What has happened to Beadsite.uk?
  53. looking for some dove beads
  54. Getting charms to lay flat on stretch cord bracelets
  55. smartie abd sweet beads
  56. how do u measure for children's bracelets.
  57. long bugle beads
  58. Need someone to make me some beads . . .please
  59. Recommendation of Macrame Beads Please?
  60. Best thread for kids jewlwery?
  61. Amber Wholesale Lithuania
  62. Where to buy lampwork beads?
  63. Murano 6mm beads
  64. Beaders and jewellery makers required North Yorkshire
  65. Help please to make resin beads
  66. Drilling beads.
  67. a new album for my creations
  68. Things to make with beads that aren't jewellery
  69. A sweet question????
  70. Making paper beads!
  71. Triple Strand Necklace - Which clasp?
  72. Good/ cheap/big Craft stores in London
  73. Urgently Looking for 20mm stripe acrylic beads in UK
  74. Bird Bead
  75. Happy Thanksgiving Day
  76. recyled cardboard boxes
  77. HELP!!! And advice need making a simple necklace from Newbie :-)
  78. creative cloud and rain necklace
  79. investigation for fun
  80. crimp beads
  81. What is the correct name for this product?
  82. Looking for Diamonds
  83. Bead Weaving
  84. Looking for unique beads....help?
  85. How to make a bracelet for a boy
  86. Dumb bead question - please don't be too harsh!
  87. Advice for beginner :)
  88. Snowed In and Craftin .... beads of course
  89. My Handmade Beads
  90. Keep Calm slogan tiles
  91. can someone explain what type of beading this for me please ..
  92. 3d beaded animal patterns
  93. Custom beaded top - HELP!
  94. Beading competition on FB
  95. Sourcing 6mm and 8mm Cats Eye beads.
  96. Bead fair mayhem.
  97. Beading Groups North Yorkshire
  98. My Bead Shop
  99. Our Shop
  100. Making a Pendant from a Fossil Shell
  101. New Beads so I had to make....
  102. Help with materials please
  103. Just discovering the world of...............................................! ?
  104. Real brass, bronze and copper findings
  105. Button shop in Plymouth
  106. New to beading - help with glue needed!
  107. Total Newbie to Beading and Jewelery making so............................?
  108. Plooper, 1 step looper
  109. Does anyone know.................????
  110. best glue for elastic??
  111. Favourite Beads
  112. Help please!
  113. Problems with brass/antique gold chain
  114. silver/gold plated findings
  115. Help as new to beads
  116. Teardrop beads wanted.
  117. Beads-where to go
  118. help
  119. Seed beads
  120. Hama bead help
  121. Pattern Software???
  122. Can you help identify materials?
  123. Synthetic Coral and Semi precious
  124. Weaving with crystals help
  125. Looking for round silver or gold plated crimp cover beads
  126. Where do you buy crimp cover beads?
  127. Bead Thingy
  128. Help needed pretty please
  129. Handmade Bracelets
  130. I like most pearl and gemstone
  131. A couple of my sets..........
  132. necklace for a name pin badge
  133. Hi Guys!
  134. 2015 Essex Bead Show - Sunday 22nd Feb - Five Lakes Resort
  135. My latest handmade ear wires
  136. Crystals and Acrylic paint ?
  137. Bead spinner.
  138. Hama beads
  139. Custom bead pattern
  140. Help finding charms
  141. Help with wire please
  142. Jewellery making classes
  143. Bead shop..
  144. Designing... planning...
  145. Good quality crimp beads
  146. What the name of this bead ?.
  147. Best price on 925 silver beads 4mm
  148. 8mm and 6mm opaque faceted round beads.
  149. Swarovski filigree flower
  150. Storing sterling silver findings
  151. Semi-Precious mixed with sparklies - fashion faux pas or adding a bit of bling?
  152. Trend for a single bead on a necklace
  153. Now THIS is more me ...
  154. Beads with larger holes...
  155. 18k Gold Beads
  156. Hen party revived my spirits
  157. Bead Shops in the High Street
  158. Swarovski V's Preciosa V's Czech Crystal Beads and HELP :D
  159. What thickness to use?
  160. Tuffnell Glass BEAD CAMP! J C Herrell & Claudia Trimbur Pagel!!
  161. Speedy Beading Tips needed when using Elastic
  162. Whats this style of Bracelet called?
  163. parts of clasps
  164. Need some thread advice for beaded Kumihimo
  165. I'm back with something beautiful :)
  166. Beads with a 3mm hole??
  167. Job Lot of beads to sell....HELP!
  168. Question about gold seed beads and how well they keep their colour.
  169. Oxidised Sterling Silver beads
  170. Paper beads, what do you use?
  171. Making P/C/RAW hold its shape?
  172. Semi precious beads with 4.5mm + hole
  173. Beadworks closing down
  174. New Bead Shop-Are We Mad?
  175. Help 🙄
  176. Help with curling
  177. After 97 years Creative Beadcraft Closes its London Bead Shop
  178. Findings and beads without provenance - what to do with them?