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  1. Essential Oils and soap making safety
  2. Who makes cup cake soaps or candles etc?
  3. Been busy making bath bombs
  4. Any soap makers in the midlands?
  5. Baby step 1 of a very long journey
  6. To cellophane or not to cellophane
  7. coffee soap
  8. making bath bombs all week
  9. Labeling Bath Bombs?
  10. Palm Oil Free Soap
  11. Is this cute, er whut...
  12. problems with soap basics website
  13. Cosmetic safety assessment arrived - yippee!!
  14. Best before date
  15. My soap kitchen
  16. Lye/sodium hydroxide
  17. I Need advice.
  18. spam/spoof email Alert!!!
  19. can anyone supply my shop with bubble bars and cupcake bath bombs?
  20. First batch of CP soap - not looking good!
  21. A few more questions...
  22. The best place for essential oils
  23. Soap sellers
  24. help needed please!
  25. Help to find soap for husband's eczema
  26. Personalised Soap Stamps
  27. Starting business off with m&p...CP method later
  28. Packaging
  29. Moulds
  30. Cannot find a body butter recipe that i like
  31. Costo
  32. Made my first face cream....advice please!
  33. What a hoot!
  34. where to buy ginormous pots
  35. Bathbombs with added vitamin d
  36. Looking for Supplier to Make My Own Haircare Products
  37. legal help?
  38. Help needed
  39. Bath Bomb Advise
  40. Weights on labels???
  41. Acid burn first aid help!
  42. me again.....more help needed
  43. Sustainable palm oil suppliers?
  44. Tip Top Table Sale
  45. Just wanted to share......
  46. Topping for bath bomb cup cakes........
  47. How do people......
  48. Odd questions
  49. Witch hazel on Bath bomb labels??
  50. Do I need separate certification when just re-moulding soap to sell?
  51. Soap Cutter
  52. Ad deleted!!
  53. EU legislation
  54. Advice on sell pamper bags to customers
  55. Help with change of business name!
  56. Wine in bath bombs
  57. Lip balms
  58. Age limit??
  59. My new soap experiments
  60. Labelling weights with home made products?
  61. Help needed - soap testing
  62. Soap making courses for business
  63. Lovely Crafters WANTED in Swindon Area
  64. Butters and water soluble colour
  65. Hemp seed oil soap recipe
  66. Need advice - UK cosmetic fragrance oils vs pure essential oils
  67. Waterproof/Indelible labels?? What to use?!
  68. Soap makers need you advice on equipment
  69. What did I do wrong??
  70. Distilled water question
  71. Grrrrrr!
  72. peppermint soap
  73. fragrance beads!!
  74. Christmas preparedness
  75. URGENT! Help needed with liquid soap making
  76. Soap boxes for Soap Slices
  77. Measuring Ingredients
  78. Melt and Pour Soap Help Needed..
  79. Job vancancy @The Soap Parlour. Is a Career in cosmetic manufacturing for you.
  80. handy dandy conversion calculator
  81. Cosmetic Safety Assessment help needed
  82. packaging and labels (mainland europe)
  83. This may be of interest??
  84. Employing people
  85. Balm too hard
  86. Melt and Pour time!
  87. Help with bubble bath & bath salts
  88. using oxides and pigments in cp soap.
  89. discolouring fragrance oils
  90. Does anybody know where I can get??
  91. Tax and Selling Crafts
  92. Start up Costs
  93. Soap as wedding favours
  94. I want to sell soap made by someone else... Advice needed!
  95. fuschia or cerise pink CP soap
  96. Packaging
  97. Makes me hungry!
  98. sterilizing lip balm pots
  99. how to keep shower gel soft
  100. lotion bars
  101. Soap wedding favours
  102. Hell has a special place for liquid soap
  103. labelling soap
  104. lotion bars
  105. Oil Fragrances vs Essential Oils
  106. goats milk soap
  107. Pot of milk
  108. product liability insurance
  109. christmas spice soap
  110. cornflour or cornstarch
  111. Selling soap cakes
  112. liquid soap
  113. M&P sweating
  114. Melt and Pour SLS free v SLS included
  115. Soap making safe when pregnant?
  116. Gardenia essential oil?
  117. Wholesale Gift Boxes - where to source?
  118. Very grateful for any help from you guy's who work with smellies!
  119. Have any of you tried making cosmetics?
  120. New soap making venture
  121. Help expanding my business
  122. Promoting your business!
  123. Melt and Pour Layers Bonding
  124. wrapping bath bombs
  125. Rapeseed based CP
  126. Help with suppliers and cosmetic assessment
  127. Hi from Manchester! + UK supplier question
  128. Advice/Chat about cosmetics market
  129. Assessment packages and approved ingredients.
  130. Legal stuff is making my head swim
  131. cosmetic assessment
  132. Metal tin 60mm x60mm
  133. Does any one read craft magazines ??
  134. Body lotion body scrub
  135. Insurance for selling soap??!
  136. Where do you all buy your baskets?
  137. Cupcake bath bombs
  138. How to make clear melt & pour white
  139. WOW - we have been featured in -
  140. Cupcake soap frosting
  141. Spa craft products in Hobbycraft
  142. Adding real fruit juice to melt and pour base?
  143. Wrapping soaps
  144. Essential Quantity-too much?
  145. shower gel
  146. New Here and Need Some Advice
  147. Where do you buy your mica powders from?
  148. Fundraising sales
  149. The Law-> Selling hand crafted glitter nail polish?
  150. Labelling help needed
  151. Lip Scrub Question
  152. natural creams and oils
  153. A bit more help
  154. Another dumb question:)
  155. Soap takes long to harden
  156. Slimey soap!
  157. Natural Floral waxes
  158. Hello, very very new here!
  159. Some of my new soaps...
  160. How long do bath melts keep for please?
  161. MandPlady
  162. Does anyone know of a natural alternative to poly sorbate 80 for bath melts?
  163. Soap making newbie.
  164. cp soap question
  165. Too focused!
  166. Safety assessments and M&P soaps.
  167. Saving soap scraps
  168. how to sell homemade soap in England
  169. Re-labelling
  170. Sls
  171. SpyderUK's M&P adventures.
  172. Forever aloe vera products...is it a ****?
  173. Have you bought liability insurance recently?
  174. Organic Soap making HELP!!!
  175. Soap Making a bit of help please
  176. Soap Making Process
  177. Accommodation for Soap-Making
  178. Bath bombe advice
  179. Soap moulds
  180. Help with colouring m and p
  181. Sell by and best before dates
  182. Surgical Spirit / Rubbing Alcohol ???? Smelly!!
  183. wholesale butters?
  184. Ok, I am confused with SLS free bases....
  185. Soap making courses in Fleet/Farnborough or surrounding areas
  186. Where do you buy your basic ingrediants from?
  187. Any and all advice appreciated :)
  188. Safety Assessments and Beyond ~
  189. Vanilla Stabliser
  190. selling Opportunity
  191. Water based cosmetic products
  192. Online soap courses
  193. Using micas in M&P?
  194. HELP! bubble bath cupcake
  195. looking for a course
  196. dog and horse soap
  197. Melt and Pour soap bases and those annoying air bubbles
  198. Would love to make bath bombs - but don't know how to start
  199. soap making for the first time ;) help!
  200. Good ol' Ben!
  201. Lip balm flavouring question
  202. Cold Process Soap Mould question
  203. Ethyl Alcohol
  204. melt and pour soap bases
  205. Soaps, products and selling..
  206. Percentages Help
  207. Help needed on shelf life of oils
  208. Using vegetable fat in cp soaps
  209. Selling for corporates - labelling question
  210. Natural Colourant for Shampoo Bar
  211. Can I use the word Homemade?
  212. Hemp Oil
  213. My head hurts
  214. Bath melts, body lotions recipes.
  215. M&P shelf life
  216. Can someone clarify the allergen labelling?
  217. about time i joined !
  218. First time making bath melts?? Also advice on bath salts..
  219. Insurance Advice
  220. hi i'm new... cp, and more specifically, sodium hydroxide advice?
  221. Beautiful ingredients
  222. New beginnings...hmmm..again :)
  223. Any handmade businesses out there selling a supplier's products???
  224. Naturally thinking for Jars and Bottles
  225. Square Lotions Bottle
  226. Label
  227. Insurance etc for beauty products
  228. Help with cup cakes soaps, bath bombs and candles
  229. Cling Film
  230. Product label Help Please!!
  231. Cold process - keeping the fragrance?
  232. My cold process soap
  233. What M & P base do you use?
  234. caustic soda help please!
  235. well, first batch made, hope it works!
  236. M & P Soapys - Do You Use a Heavy Based Saucepan or a Bain Marie?
  237. cold process cupcake problem
  238. selling soaps
  239. Frustrated with bath melts!
  240. Angel FO
  241. Different shape bath bombs ?
  242. Help with PIF
  243. Dendritic salt
  244. Canadian soap chemist
  245. Looking for soap making class cardiff
  246. newbie trying to get her head around safety assessments
  247. Unfavorite scent combinations?
  248. Newbie
  249. Selling recycled bottles filled with bath salts
  250. Really annoyed - M&P soap selling