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  1. very basic question
  2. Re-batching
  3. Do you have to a Bathbomb/soap course??
  4. Selling at Craft Fairs
  5. Using Sand
  6. newbie - question about the soap surface
  7. Paper Soap
  8. Best Before date & E-bay trading
  9. Soap Moulds
  10. cp or m&p ???
  11. Help with Soap Fragrance
  12. Labelling for bath products Wedding Favours
  13. saftey assessment
  14. It's taking months to get there
  15. alcohol spray
  16. Insurance for home based skin care business
  17. Allergens in Jasmine Essential Oil
  18. First ever craft fair!!
  19. Bath Bombs - anyone do wholesale
  20. Bath bombs and Soap making workshops near Peterborough/Leicester/Rutland
  21. Making soap/bath bombs in my kitchen?
  22. cocoa butter
  23. having problems with finding ingredients...
  24. loofah wholesalers
  25. Certification or Risk Assessment
  26. Hello - Advice would be great please
  27. Where do you get your packaging from?
  28. Help needed chooseing a safety assement company.
  29. Help with foam bath smells
  30. Course with melinda cross
  31. Im scared.......
  32. cosmetic assessment came!
  33. Hele Bay Soap Company
  34. kilner style jars
  35. Help please on certification and advice on setting up a business
  36. justasoap
  37. Who sells novelty soaps?
  38. Running workshops - safety assessments/ professional indemnity needed?? Please help!
  39. Got my certificate today
  40. Natural Rose Buds
  41. I made bath " crumbs " today
  42. Geranium
  43. deoderant tubes
  44. How to work out % for bath bomb ???
  45. Looking for some soaps
  46. Hello everyone i have a question
  47. feedback please
  48. And finally, real bath bombs
  49. Soap Log Cutters
  50. Updates on soap that looks like food?
  51. Help re. Safety Assessment
  52. Testing the P.H. Level of Soap
  53. Colours in bath bombs
  54. mini strawberry moulds
  55. dark spots on cp soap
  56. making lip balms.. hobby / business
  57. Pomace Olive Oil
  58. Soap making courses in london?
  59. soap paint
  60. Breathable Cellophane Wrap
  61. Can I turn a cold process soap bar into liquid soap?
  62. Wanted: Cosmetics and toiletries stallholders
  63. Lip Balm Makers in the UK...
  64. Corn starch in bath bombs anyone ???
  65. Base ingredients
  66. Can you re-melt lip balm??
  67. Buying base materials cheap in the UK?
  68. fragrance in soap
  69. Question about re doing bath bombs
  70. M&P at local produce markets
  71. Milk in Soap making
  72. Fragrance Powders
  73. Oh dear, look what happens when
  74. New to forum selling soap
  75. Using soap balls/chunks for imbeds
  76. Help help quick quick!!!!
  77. Handmade Trade Beauty Suppliers needed UK
  78. Change base oil recipe
  79. Does anyone use a bathbomb press?
  80. Essential Oil Suppliers
  81. Trying a new methods of HP soap today
  82. Advice needed please :)
  83. is Soap the new Jewellery for craft fairs?
  84. Any ideas on what to do with all the soap trimmings?
  85. Labelling CP soap
  86. Newbie Wanting Soap Making Advice - Beginner!
  87. Pressed Flowers as soap decoration
  88. Want to make myself some soap, which base is best please
  89. Rubbing alcohol for soap ???
  90. Can anyone recommend any home-made beauty books?
  91. Getting soap certified
  92. Do I need to go on a course to sell soap?
  93. How do I get more fizz in bath bombs ???
  94. I need some handmade heart soaps and bath bombs
  95. Cupcake Bath Bombs!
  96. Large soap moulds?
  97. My new Craft Workshop
  98. Affordable supplier of pots/jars
  99. Waterproof labels
  100. Weighing scales and insurance.
  101. I've just created something.... but I don't know what it is!!!!
  102. Soaps & Bombs that look like food?
  103. Bath Salts
  104. Happy with result
  105. Do I need a license to sell soap made by someone else?
  106. Asking for help :)
  107. Good realistic strawberry fragrance
  108. Where to put the labels and printing
  109. bath salts-your opinions please
  110. New
  111. Listing Allergens on Labels!!
  112. Product Liability Insurance as well as Public Liability Insurance? Views please.
  113. Opinions on Soap problem requested
  114. Creating a scent
  115. Help Please! Mould Growing on Green Clay Soap. What is it?
  116. Made up cp recipe
  117. Newbie :-) hello and (another) question about certification!
  118. Product safety assessment
  119. Labeling Requirements
  120. Soapschool.
  121. Measuring equipment
  122. justasoap.co.uk colours and fragrances
  123. Shea butter from akoma skin care?
  124. 100% Halal handmade Skincare
  125. What's your best selling fragrance?
  126. Re-bottling Labelling Requirements & Contact Details on Label
  127. More SA qus!
  128. Storage Ideas
  129. Alternative to cardamom oil?
  130. Overcooked??
  131. Europe-produced hard fats (Ghee, hydrogenated oils etc)
  132. Who knew...
  133. shameless showing off!
  134. Adding chemical surfactants to cold process soaps?
  135. Getting ready for the weekend
  136. snow fragrance
  137. Can you recommend a Cosmetic Chemist?
  138. Pre-certified soap recipes
  139. Pay Pal account
  140. LOOKING for jenny who does soap and glory and giftsets
  141. Anybody sell handmade soap and bathbombs???? in or near Preston Lancs , 4 Xmas Fayre
  142. Shelf life of sugar scrubs
  143. I have been told I can replace their label with mine?!
  144. Approved Scales
  145. Fragrance oils and Essential Oils
  146. CP soaps - fragrance / essentual oils / pigments
  147. Blog giveaway - Dr Bronner's Magic Soap
  148. First perfume!
  149. Can I rescue my disastrous soap??!!
  150. Pongy fragrances
  151. M&P soap recipe?
  152. How do I sell in the USA and Canada?
  153. Wooden Soap Moulds
  154. scented or aroma beads
  155. How long do soaps and bath melts etc last?
  156. Soybean Oil
  157. handmade soap, i need vanilla
  158. Plush Folly
  159. selling on Allstalls
  160. selling a few bath salts at school fair
  161. M&P soap that lathers well???
  162. some help needed before my first attempt please!?
  163. does anyone make something like this?
  164. which water?
  165. A question from a wannabe soap maker
  166. A question fro bath and soap product people.
  167. All excited
  168. Is such a large amount of frangrance oil really neccesary in cold process soap?
  169. Food colourants as dyes?
  170. Shower gels from premade liquid soap base?
  171. Where can I buy a soap cutter please ?
  172. Soap looks like it might split
  173. Can someone recommend a good soap making book please.
  174. Not happy with my bath salts!
  175. Happy New 2011 Year!!!
  176. Deodorant and essential oils
  177. How do I know that it's cured?
  178. Lactate of sodium
  179. Soap in the oven ???
  180. Is certification needed?
  181. Bath Bombs
  182. How long will it last please ???
  183. where to get distilled water? Is it necessary?
  184. Where to get soap making things for cheap?
  185. Starting a business: courses
  186. Which moulds & sizes?
  187. designing a soap kitchen
  188. Compact mirrors???
  189. Perfume in soap
  190. Embedding Lettering or other moulds into a loaf of soap
  191. Gardenia Perfume
  192. new to soap making
  193. Product information file help
  194. Lush karma perfume
  195. Questions!! Can I halve a recipe, which coconut oil, and scales?
  196. Soap making suppliers UK
  197. How much soap will this make?
  198. Grapefruit seed extract
  199. Some advice on soap please.
  200. Some advice on soap moulds needed please.
  201. Organic or None Organic?
  202. soap making classes in edinburgh or lothians (scotland)
  203. How do you cure your soap?
  204. How do i start making soaps ? can anyone advise on some basic recipes please?
  205. How do I increase sales when I cant be found!!!
  206. Confused about measurements-grams and mililiters
  207. Boxes for soaps wanted supplier
  208. Help Soap Piping
  209. making hand lotion
  210. Where is the best place to buy soap/bath bomb ingridients (dyes, fragrance oils etc)?
  211. castile liquid soap
  212. How do you list allergens?
  213. What is a reasonable price for a 100g handmade bar of soap?
  214. Do you need a license to teach people how to make soap?
  215. reselling whole sale soap
  216. Which soap making process should I use?
  217. Recipe certification
  218. Bath Bombs bad results need help
  219. Soap course tomorrow
  220. Soap for Men
  221. Does soap-making make a profit?
  222. Reasonable costs for label printing
  223. First batch not worked, trying again tomorrow.
  224. Batch gon wrong oh dear
  225. Taking the plunge!!
  226. Powdered goats milk suppliers-organic
  227. Liquid Castile Soap
  228. Some advice on soap lathering please
  229. Web Site Advice - Shopping Carts
  230. Plastic moulds
  231. Some soapy questions
  232. How much discount should I give stockist? and people who want something exclusively
  233. Testing of creams
  234. Bath muffin help!!
  235. Is 50 reasonable for a custom label and soap exclusive to the company?
  236. Looking for Fragrance Oils for Haircare
  237. Aroma beads
  238. Plush Folly
  239. Soap question.......
  240. Soap Making classes in swindon wiltshire
  241. 50p and a Werther's Original
  242. Piping Disasters
  243. How to catalogue batch numbers??
  244. Vegan friendly Soap Supplier needed
  245. Starting a soap making business
  246. Soap book
  247. Soap Assessment Cost Per Recipe/Ingredient or Per Person?
  248. Name.....
  249. When is best to get Cosmetic safety assessment package?
  250. Where can I find boxes for soaps