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  1. Looking for printed tshirt using my own design?
  2. pink shorts for my daughter
  3. Looking for a Ruffler Foot
  4. Costume Sale at the end of May.....
  5. Sewing course starts wednesday, a few questions
  6. My latest crafting
  7. Making a Cami Top
  8. Best fabric for...
  9. Clothes
  10. Anyone made an infinity dress
  11. watcha fink please
  12. cowee look
  13. regulations/requirements for tees??
  14. Using curtain fabric with machine embroidery for clothing?
  15. Making Hats
  16. naturally tanned leather and natural rubber
  17. Handsewn tattered skirts.
  18. Handsewn poofy tattered skirt
  19. Its a bird...its a plane...ITS SUPERMAN!!!!
  20. What lining to use on silk dupion
  21. Sort of clothing...
  22. Napkins
  23. Pyjamas?!
  24. fairy / tutu skirts
  25. Transferring images onto fabric..
  26. Apron pattern
  27. New Fashion Ideas
  28. Kids fashion ideas
  29. Any good and less expensive sewing courses
  30. Good sewing machine singer Vs brother
  31. French Seams
  32. Clothes V Fashion
  33. Anybody started making any clothes today
  34. Sex Sells or
  35. handwoven jersey neckwarmer
  36. Sewing Box
  37. how do you change a commerical skirt pattern
  38. Leather Costs
  39. Sewing Patterns
  40. Makes you wanna spit
  41. commercial patterns and vintage commercial patterns
  42. Well i Stopped Spitting for a while
  43. Self Employed Dressmakers Wanted
  44. Now here,s a thing{title makes the mind boggle dunnit)
  45. Started my top today!
  46. Eureka
  47. Sewing machine problem!
  48. I needs your undoubted wisdom please
  49. Silk for Ties ?
  50. blxxdy scissors
  51. I want a coat made, how much?
  52. leather making/tanning
  53. Does the Internet breed Ignorance or do people bring it with them
  54. I will be my own pin that will prick and puncture my own pomposity!
  55. Remodeling Vintage??? Why did i think it was a good idea.
  56. Which fabric?
  57. Watcha fink then
  58. Total Domination (ohh er)
  59. Sure it will come in usefull even if you never use it.
  60. And whilst we are on the subject!
  61. Sewing pattern swap
  62. Is shoes included in Clothes section?
  63. Pocky Foto System
  64. Of Mice and stuff
  65. Obi Skirt - Belt 'Buttonhole'
  66. Posh Frock!
  67. Tailor's dummy for children
  68. Zipper was born :)
  69. Clothing forum,s a hive of activity init
  70. Questions on sizing in dress patterns
  71. Hello Fine and Funky People.
  72. Can't wait to try this new tutorial!
  73. Hiya Woonerful People
  74. Even the great and good make mistakes!
  75. Prettyish in Pink!
  76. Well looks like i am the only one left
  77. Syncronicity
  78. Well must be Time to add another Thread to watsit
  79. Start of something Lovely
  80. Oh whoops!
  81. Yep tis Very Lovely
  82. Book on pattern makiing? - recommendations needed
  83. It,s gonna be lovely or awfull.
  84. Whilst back in the world of glenvillesstyle
  85. Lovely so Far
  86. Told thee it was going to be Lovely and it is methinks!
  87. Love my Hoody
  88. Feed back
  89. I made a skirt
  90. Hoody or Duffle
  91. New Dress!
  92. My first Item of Clothing!
  93. How to hem chiffon
  94. New to this
  95. Stretch Lace Trim
  96. Hows that for a coat!
  97. Remember your Sunday Best?
  98. Nightdress help?
  99. Now thats a Smart Tart
  100. blank baby vests for printing
  101. Costume making
  102. Sassy and very Classy
  103. Embellishing Satin
  104. Iron On Transfer Paper
  105. Come you Lot probably the most uninteresting response in the world. Last one
  106. New Sewing Machine
  107. Looking for 'hippy' style necklace etc
  108. Advice for a beginner's "grow into" sewing machine?
  109. Free dressmaking etc patterns
  110. i need a sewing machine that can
  111. Simply methinks not
  112. Glenville,s New Titffer
  113. Memory Bear Workshop
  114. any budget dressmaking scissors??
  115. its me again......
  116. Customized T-shirts
  117. old curtains.. now my new dress..
  118. cant find a better section for this. ruffled cloth after stitching
  119. My 50's style dress and the free pattern to make it!
  120. Anyone know where I could find a pattern for this dress?
  121. Well let me try again.
  122. Sewing Alteration Prices - advice needed please
  123. Ifen this no work i am gonna stamp my feet and cry!
  124. Prettier than just a Pretty Coat
  125. can i alter an apron pattern
  126. cutting mats
  127. SIZE MATTERS!- Sourcing a 34" or 36" replacement double zip?
  128. Free Pattern Cutting Course for Beginners - Downloadable
  129. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!?
  130. Need Suggestion
  131. Can you recommend a good fabric website?
  132. twin needle ???
  133. Dip dye shorts, need help!
  134. Bustle
  135. Clothing Labels
  136. Dog Coat Help Needed
  137. lining for a skirt - what material?
  138. shirt button suppliers
  139. Interfacing question.
  140. Market Trends and your opinion
  141. Help with acid washing
  142. sewing embroidered/sequined fabric
  143. Advice about lengthening a dress
  144. How would you jazz up this dress
  145. Glue!
  146. Old shoes become nice new shiny ones!
  147. revamped ballet pumps
  148. Looking for an over locker, is it worth it??
  149. Best sewing machine
  150. Advice on overlocker
  151. Looking to buy an embroidery machine - suggestions?
  152. Where to get labels?
  153. Washing care instructions
  154. Zentai
  155. Help with Tie Dye
  156. Help, Waterproof
  157. To those with little daughters, dress size help please
  158. Organic clothes!
  159. Now here be a thing
  160. Photo,s
  161. Things an stuff
  162. maybe stuff from a stuffy
  163. Come on then what have you lot been sewing,making?
  164. Packaging ideas for handmade clothes
  165. Glue Gun for hair accessories
  166. Woven Labels
  167. testing
  168. Where do i start?
  169. hair accessories - flower headbands
  170. daughters dress
  171. do i need insurance for personalised baby clothing?
  172. Cutting on the fold
  173. Jersey separates
  174. Cardigan
  175. Cotton Jersey fabric
  176. Style
  177. Not just any Jacket
  178. Testing for upcycled fabrics
  179. dye ribbon
  180. Overlocker / Serger Advice