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  1. Speeding up cold enamel
  2. Hypothetical, wishful thinking question...!
  3. How to Finish a Necklace or Bracelet Using S-Hooks & Calottes
  4. Gold Filled or Gold Plated
  5. new: making bracelets
  6. Customer Refunds
  7. My first jewellery video
  8. Difficulty in using magnetic clasps with heavy beads
  9. Charms - Trustworthy Lead and Nickel Free Suppliers
  10. Has anyone ordered from The Silver Corporation?
  11. Glasses Holders/Lariat Seed Bead Question
  12. Some More Pewter Bits
  13. Advent GiveAway Draws - A different give away every day until Christmas !
  14. Wanted white flocked foam inserts
  15. Help, I've stripped a layer off brass figurine - silver colour underneath.
  16. The great kiln conundrum...
  17. Drill recommendations for resin
  18. Silver plated/Shiny Silver sixpence mount
  19. Bone handicrafts
  20. Can anyone recommend a good silver clay course near Southampton, Hants, Dorset, W Sus
  21. How Much Stock do You Hold?
  22. Chain Maille Advice
  23. Where to sell Hand Made Jewellery
  24. sheet metal offcuts ideas
  25. Wire jewellery
  26. Insurance........again
  27. PMC info and supplies
  28. A Little Touch of Gold
  29. Help me rescue a necklace that has been washed.... 100 times!
  30. Nickel free jewellery chains and other accessories -recommends plse
  31. Help with sizes/materials
  32. repairing a scratch in resin
  33. Necklace chain
  34. 5mm twist lock chain stainless
  35. Saving a damaged resin item
  36. Gedeo Resin Gloss Varnish
  37. What do people think of these?
  38. wire wrapping with 26 g wire, advice request
  39. Jewellery supplies - distressed / vintage silver, leather like "M.Cohen"
  40. Help...finishing Beaded necklace
  41. Painting Pewter
  42. For starters???
  43. Any good or highly recomended books?
  44. Help needed with Jewellery Clasp
  45. Feedback please
  46. Where should I try to sell my handcrafted jewelry?
  47. labelling for sterling silver jewellery
  48. Using Magnetic Clasps
  49. Stamped jewellery advice
  50. Enamelling.
  51. Etsy feedback
  52. Complying with EU regs re nickel etc.
  53. Copper sheet
  54. How to sell beads, crystals, jewellery parts etc
  55. New and keen to spend, I mean obsess, I mean get on .......
  56. Glass-fusing, bail adhesive......
  57. Resin pendants in Making Jewellery magazine?
  58. Looking for advice on laser engraving/cutting machines
  59. Thinfire kiln paper destroying pieces
  60. A2 Jewellery Design Suggestions
  61. Don't know the name of a jewellery component
  62. mother of the bride
  63. Bracelet blanks: need to find a uk supplier?
  64. Home Business Insurance for Jewellery making
  65. Etsy Feedback update
  66. Sealant and glue advice
  67. Please help me find a similar ring bar ??????
  68. Desperate for a uk Supplier for Anchor charm
  69. Need a UK supplier for non loop fold over crimps
  70. Tiny Bell Jars
  71. Pricing & ideas for Brownie group. Advice needed!
  72. Year of Jewelry, week seventeen Fish-Net
  73. Good camera for taking jewellery pictures
  74. cotton cord supplier ?
  75. New Ear Wires for Lampwork Beads - Just Add Beads !
  76. Best Torch For Metal Clay
  77. What drill do I need for beach glass Jewellery making?
  78. How Hard is Silversmithing to Learn?
  79. can i use liver sulfur on hand stamped cutlery that is to be used?
  80. can anyone recommend a supplier in the uk for pewter pebbles
  81. Silversmithing vs Silver Clay
  82. anyone ordered online from bead-hive in york ? im worried.com !!!
  83. looking for supplier for metal stamping blanks .. in particular jigsaw pieces
  84. October - Make & Show Month on my Blog
  85. Cutting Metal with What?
  86. Kiln Temps for Art Metal Clay
  87. Knotting gemstones
  88. HallMarking
  89. Torch in the UK?
  90. kiln help
  91. Finger print jewellery help
  92. Made to order charm
  93. What type of chains do you use?
  94. Wire...basically everything
  95. Necklace what stones
  96. I am rubbish...absolute rubbish!
  97. Supplier
  98. Piercing Saw Screws
  99. Gremlin earrings
  100. Trade Buyer?
  101. Copper Tongs?
  102. Soldering Gold
  103. Soutache Jewellery
  104. How to neaten up a bezel setting?
  105. Impress Art metal stamps
  106. Approached by Vogue...?
  107. Urgent help needed, making necklaces and I know have no clue!!
  108. Cuttlefish Problem
  109. UK suppliers for sheet metal (Copper, Brass etc)?
  110. Green Patina differences?
  111. Sand Vs Delft Vs Cuttle
  112. Fingerpring jewellery print
  113. resin suppliers
  114. Photo-etched jewellery
  115. Please can anyone help with wire size for beaded bracelets
  116. PMC Silver Jewellery
  117. Advice on drill bits for drilling steel
  118. Type of wire to use for chainmaille?
  119. Trouble with soldering......
  120. Hallmarking Questions....
  121. Latest PMC Silver Jewellery
  122. Bracelet Help
  123. mould making
  124. learning metal jewellery advise wanted
  125. Soutache Jewellery
  126. How to attach Swarovski filigree flower
  127. Should I set-up a workshop and employ a bench jeweller, or use outsourced workshops?
  128. Need help with wire and crimping sizes!!
  129. Searching for cabochon Settings
  130. tool for drilling accurately
  131. Silver clay disaster! Please help!
  132. Drilled Seaglass
  133. My hand made Single Line Swarovski Solitaire Bangle
  134. Fingerprint in metal clay
  135. Recommendation for fancy chain
  136. Where can i buy copper wire in bulk? 26 gauge
  137. Help
  138. Leather rope for bracelets
  139. Fingerprint Jewellery with Silver Clay and Oyumaru
  140. Any help appreciated
  141. Fake a patina
  142. Buying a metal clay starter kit in Japan?
  143. Idea For Silver Hoops Earrings Design ??
  144. PMC Silver Jewellery - students
  145. Prometheus kiln
  146. my silver has cloudy finish on part of the item
  147. Wooden Earrings - where to begin
  148. sterling silver hollow twisted beads
  149. Quality waxed cotton cord supplier
  150. Can anyone help me find what I'm looking for - sterling silver blanks?
  151. Resin Jewellery, Layering?
  152. E6000 or Hypo Cement?
  153. Silver tarnish advice please
  154. Making jewellery from sea shells??
  155. Selling Off All Jewellery Stock - My Whole Shop??
  156. PMC Jewellery
  157. How can I make this? (Pic inside)
  158. Which glue for brooch backs?
  159. Does anyone know I supplier I can buy silver tassel charm
  160. Which is the right paint for jewellery
  161. Looking for supplier of silver cuff blanks
  162. 3D CAD Jewellery Design and Rapid Prototyping
  163. How to make this necklace please? (complete novice)
  164. Sterling Silver Necklace Suppliers?
  165. tibetan 'silver' charms - sourcing them please
  166. Best beading wire.
  167. Sterling silver jewellery tag suppliers
  168. Laser cut jewellery
  169. Stamped Jewellery
  170. how do you get ideas for jewellery making?
  171. Wooden Jewellery tools??
  172. Wire writing
  173. Needle threading issues with severe hand arthritis - Newbie :)
  174. Alternative means of finishing off a piece (newbie)
  175. Drilling stone
  176. How much should I charge for a jewellery making class?
  177. How to properly seal glitter to a wooden template - help needed
  178. Shrink plastic jewellery
  179. where can i get personlised engraved charm done like in pic
  180. Some Beautyful indian fashion jewelry designs
  181. Looking for basic Resin Coating advice
  182. Cabochon - Base gap filling
  183. New way of presenting epoxy jewelry
  184. Crimps aren't working for beading wire
  185. Best setting for ring stone?
  186. i need help in getting these....
  187. Cabochon Glueing Help
  188. Can drilled stones be threaded directly on to a chain? Total beginner
  189. Fancy joining me in attempting to make a Rhinestone Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace?
  190. Looking for UK Source for patterned acrylics / plastics
  191. pendants/bracelets with empty channel inlay?
  192. Snowball Necklace, nice and easy but I love it
  193. Using Crimpable Chain
  194. Monofilament, Crimps and Calottes/Clam Shell ends
  195. How to use a Pinch Bail
  196. Did I hit deco with this piece?
  197. New ideas, discussions or general chat?
  198. Brooch pins
  199. Diamante Cruxifix Bracelet
  200. Do you white it out, or settle for a dark background?
  201. Video on how to make the diamante bracelet
  202. Crystal Opals to back or not to back
  203. glass pendant - help!
  204. looking for engraved sterling silver tags & charms?
  205. Unique handmade wood and resin rings
  206. Wanted to share these two beauties with you all.
  207. Looking to make a silver PMC Seashell help for my daughter
  208. Glue suitable for barrel ends
  209. Sterling silver or Stainless Steel findings ?
  210. Newbie
  211. Terracotta Jewellery Online Shopping India
  212. Bracelet
  213. Maybe somebody can help me with this
  214. Removing soldered 9ct gold jump rings
  215. Where do I source decent quality, affordable gold plate chains